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Linda and Karen are in their 4x4, where Karen is lamenting the fact that she essentially fears that she is about to die. They leave, followed by Chip and Kim. And it takes Linda about twelve seconds to get stuck in the sand. This time, she does manage to get out on her own without a tow.

Oh, look. Brandon and Nicole are skydiving. Brandon says that the worst part of skydiving was looking down and seeing the other teams, and then having to wait. On the ground, Colin streaks across the dunes, and Brandon and Nicole then jump out of their plane. Colin drives. Brandon and Nicole succumb to gravity. The music swells. Colin and Christie run to the clue flag. "I'm glad I had experience, because that was not easy." Yeah. And nobody else could have done that, right? Whatever. Anyway, the clue tells them to climb aboard a camel and use a GPS navigation system to get to the next pit stop. Aww, look! All of Shecky's relatives! And they're wearing cute little outfits! I tend to agree with the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters that the little noseguards the camels are wearing are actually anti-spit devices. They're very dapper, whatever they are. Phil explains that the camel will be dragged by a camel wrangler, whom the team will have to direct, using a handheld GPS gizmo. And where is the pit stop? It is at a "Desert Oasis." Wait, it's not a castle? That's like when they used to have ones like "Jungle Camp." Throwback! To the days before four-poster beds and clawfoot tubs! Once again, Phil does not say that the last team to check in will be Philiminated. So, wait, they will be, then? I'm so lost now. I'm lost without my not-so-secret not-so-subtle clues, I tell you! You will be shocked to hear that Colin immediately announces that he knows how to use the GPS. Yeah. It looks real hard, with the giant arrow and everything.

Elsewhere, Brandon and Nicole land. They pull the camel clue. They board the camel, and Brandon says to the camel, "Let's go...donkey." D-- donkey? I'm assuming that's a joke. Brandon? That's not a donkey. It's biiiiiiigger than a donkey. With more humps. Brandon is pretty.

Back at the Aeroclub, the Twinkies leave on their skydiving plane. They speculate that they are "screwed," but allow as how they don't actually know for sure.

Chip and Kim, on the other hand, are screwed for sure. He comments that he doesn't see any flags, and she breaks the news that she doesn't either. Chip picks up some tire tracks to follow, and hopes out loud that they're not the ones he just made. In a sense, it would be just as well if they were, because at least he would eventually get back to wherever he went wrong.

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