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At 3:00 AM, it's time for the increasingly grim-looking Colin and the still-perky Christie to blow the pit stop. Christie says that she and Dead-Eyed Headlamp Boy still want to learn to "trust each other." That would be much smarter, I think, if either of them were trustworthy, but I guess she's got to work her own strategy. She touches on the difficulty of having "two decision-makers who work together." And by "decision-makers," she means "pushy, Type-A know-it-alls." When Colin is quoted a hundred dollars, his initial response is "No way." Christie offers 60, but the guy isn't interested. "No, no, no. Hundred dollars," he repeats. Colin claims that they can't pay a hundred. "We can do 60, that's it, all we have is 60 dollars," he says. The cabbie repeats, "One hundred dollars," and then, apparently realizing that they're not going to do any better when faced with this fairly intimidating taxi driver oligopoly, Colin and Christie agree and get in. I think it's partly because nobody can take Colin seriously as a negotiator while he's wearing a headlamp, a T-shirt, khakis, and white sneakers. He looks like he's spelunking in the employee lounge at Best Buy. "You'd better be fast for a hundred dollars, man, that's a lot of money," Colin remarks. He has such a good attitude. If I were a member of the service industry, he would be just the kind of person I would hope to wait on.

3:06 AM. Linda and Karen. Linda talks about how "awesome" it would be to have two moms win. And I agree, but...I don't know about these moms. They do show quite a tendency to fall behind in a wide variety of circumstances. She goes on to insist nevertheless that it's still anybody's race.

3:10 AM. Brandon and Nicole. Brandon rips the clue open with quite a flourish this week. They read the clue, and Brandon manages to mispronounce "Dubai." Which really isn't that hard. He needs to drink a Mai Tai and play jai-alai, and watch Bridge On The River Kwai, and look at a little bonsai. He'll catch on. They also are taken aback at the $100 fare, but all the cabbies continue to hang together and nobody they ask will go cheaper than that. Furthermore, Brandon, sweetheart, it's 100 miles. They charge me $20 for the seven-minute ride to my apartment from the airport, and I have to put up with the cab driver bitching about what a short fare it is and how he's not making any money. (That has happened the last three consecutive times I have taken cabs home from the airport. Next time? No tip.) In the cab, Nicole bites her lip as we hear her voice over that she and Brandon "need to work on being more aggressive." She notes that the more aggressive teams are ahead, but I'm not sure that the footage of Chip and Kim or Linda and Karen is too convincing right there. Are those teams "aggressive"? Wouldn't that have been better if she had remarked that she and Brandon needed to work on being older?

3:12 AM. (See how close behind Brandon and Nikki the Twinkies are? I think the Charla/Twinkie egg-eating race was totally overblown last week, and I think Charla and Mirna were significantly behind by the time they left that Roadblock.) In their cab, a Twinkie comments that they're going to the airport. So at least she's got that part down. One of them voices over that in general, they need to "slow down." Totally. After all, it's not a race, people. She refers to her team as "spastic," though, and that's kind of funny. She claims that the people in front are the ones that "really analyze the clue." You know, the world would be a better place were it not so densely packed with people who confuse the daunting task labeled "analyze" with the less-intimidating concept known as "read."

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