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But that's not what happens. Instead, Colin decides to leave -- during a discussion with airport security,, no, no -- and Sam follows him outside. "Let's discuss it peacefully," Sam says, giving him more leeway than he's entitled to. Colin says they've already discussed it peacefully, but Sam cuts him off. "I'm a police officer. This here is a police station. You see?" Seriously. Do you see, Colin? Part of what happens here is that Colin reacts as if he has a lot of power in a situation in which he basically has none. If he wanted a discount, he was going to have to be humble about it, because he wasn't entitled to it, and these guys aren't necessarily going to feel instinctively inclined to help him. I agree with him that leaving on a 100-mile trip where you know people are in a hurry when you're driving on a spare tire is not a good move, and not a very up-front way to operate, and that Colin probably should have gotten a break on the fare as a show of good faith. But in terms of actually trying to get that break, it was a favor he was asking for -- a courtesy, essentially. And you ask for courtesies, you don't yell for them.

At any rate, Christie is telling Colin to pay the money so they can leave, so now you know he's definitely not going to do that. Sam tells Colin that he entered into a contract, which is exactly right. He says that if Colin has a different interpretation under which he's entitled to pay less than he owes, he needs to prove it, because the guy can't just take his word for it. Colin says, "There's no contract," a couple of times, and finally just yells right in Sam's face, "THERE'S NO CONTRACT!" You really don't yell at cops like that, dude. Haven't you seen...well, any episode of Cops, ever? Colin then returns to insisting that they have to make their flight. Sam says that the driver wants to have Colin charged -- presumably with theft of services or something similar. Christie points out the obvious, which is that they don't have time for Colin to stand around getting charges filed against him. Sam -- increasingly angry at Colin's standing there and ignoring him on his turf, among other things -- orders Colin to go inside the station and wait. Now, Colin announces he's not going inside. "Right now, inside," Sam repeats. Colin voices over about going to jail, and then we at least have the peace of advertising.

Commercials. Nothing makes me feel honored as a woman like the sight of a lot of other women with writing on their tummies explaining about stomach problems they're having.

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