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There's nothing like a clean elephant

"Come on, G, we money, we money, we money!" Dave Vince-Vaughns as he runs up to the SUV with Gary trailing. In the Mary-Fruit cab, the Fruit is really enjoying having passed Thunk on the raft. "Sweet, baby," she comments. The Teeth land next, followed by Cha-Cha-Cha. "The last time I got this wet," Oswald says thoughtfully, and then leaves the perfect pregnant pause before finishing, "I wasn't rowing." Heh.

It turns out that some of the navigation here is being done with a compass, and Peach notes that she's happy that Mary can handle it, because "the only compass [the Fruit] can read is the direction-finder at the mall." Not that that's really a compass, but I'll let it slide. I can, however, totally see the Fruit at Orange Julius.

Bringing up the rear are Boston and Taraweasel. The Weasel notes that they're the last two teams, but Alex insists in the Boston SUV that they can't be the last two teams. Boston proceeds to wait for Taraweasel (seriously -- what morons). Boston cannot accept their situation with regard to last place.

In the Thunk SUV, Gary asks Dave (who's driving) to "keep it at seventy." You'll recall that they did just get a time penalty for speeding last week, so this seems like a reasonable enough request. Nevertheless, Dave doesn't like it. "Break your record, and play another one," he says, not quite hitting a funny line, then yelling, "Gary, SHUT UP!" "You can yell and I can't say anything?" Gary whines. Dave says that yelling is the only way to get Gary to hear him. "How do I tell you something?" Dave asks. "Send me an email," Gary replies. Sigh.

In their SUV, the Teeth surmise that Oswald and Danny are probably "wet and miserable," and then we cut directly to Cha-Cha-Cha, doing just fine on the drive. (Those funny editors are at it again.) Elsewhere, Taraweasel passes Boston, which Chris takes to mean that Wil and Tara are trying to be helpful because they know where they're going. I take out a two-by-four and address it to Chris and Alex. On it, I write, "Hit yourself with this until you figure out that as soon as he gets a chance, Wil is going to knock you in the dirt." I send it Air Express.

Mary and the Fruit are the first to arrive at the Roadblock. The task this week is to wash an elephant. The elephants have "traditional markings" on them in what looks like chalk, and the Racers have to get the markings off. Their next clue will be given to them by the "elephant master." Isn't that the brother of that guy in the upcoming movie starring The Rock? Mary takes the Roadblock and plunges right into the elephant cleaning. She seems to kind of enjoy it. "I'm scrubbin' an elephant," she says with some satisfaction.

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