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I'm Gonna Take His Girl

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There's nothing like a clean elephant

Dave takes the task for Thunk. He attempts to negotiate with the elephant. "Be nice, I'm good guy [sic]," he says. He then offers peanuts. Heh. The Teeth show up, and because Paige doesn't want to get wet (eye roll), Blake takes it -- once he hikes up his pants, which are severely falling down.

Mary finishes first, and grabs the next clue, which tells the teams to go to the pit stop, which is at Karen Village. (Doesn't that sound like someone's online journal? "Welcome to Karen Village, where the big news is that I broke up with Todd because he is SUCH an a**!") Dave is close behind. Mary and Peach take the time to holler at Thunk as they scream off in their SUV. You know, now that these girls are having such a good time, they're giving Cha-Cha-Cha a run for their money as my favorite team. Back at the elephants, Blake is still working. "There's a little on the butt, there's a little on the butt!" Paige screams at him. That's sort of disturbing, in a way I can't really put my finger on. The elephant helpfully takes a large dump on Blake's feet. You know, a world in which poo isn't funny might be a more sophisticated world, but it would be a far, far sadder world. Blake grabs his clue and gets going.

Cha-Cha-Cha pull into Elephantville just as the Teeth are leaving. Blake comments that, other than the poo, the elephant-washing was "tons of fun." I think he may not be entirely sincere. Oswald takes the Roadblock for Cha-Cha-Cha, and gets right to washing the elephant. He explains that he once took a tour of Nepal, and declined an opportunity for elephant-washing because he was "too much of a diva," so he's happy to have a second shot at it. He does just fine, and they clear out for the pit stop. As they drive along, Oswald comments that he's "feeling competitive again." Goooooo, Oswald!

Taraweasel and Boston make it to the elephants, and Wil and Alex are called. Alex plunges in, but Wil proceeds to unleash the most prissy display of elephant-washing that the world has ever known. He gingerly dabs at the elephant with a brush, his competitive spirit apparently sapped by the prospect of touching something dirty. What a baby. Chris tells Alex to "use the loofah," while Wil continues to try to do it mostly by splashing water at the elephant. Tara tells him he actually needs to wash it by touching it, and he reluctantly does. (Incidentally, the best thing about Wil in this sequence is that after three long episodes, he has taken The Hat off.) They both finish at last, and get on their way to the pit stop.

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