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Mary and the Fruit, followed by Thunk, approach the pit stop. Just by a hair, the sisters land on the mat first. Phil tells them the good news, and they high-five. I have to say that these two have really earned this, because they don't seem to have gotten any excellent breaks or inside information or anything; they're just consistently running a hell of a race. Right behind them, Thunk steps up, and the two teams congratulate each other. Peach explains in an interview that all the teams that are left are good competitors. Gary says that the other teams think he's funny (whatever), and that they can trust him, which is "bull." Dave says that in one more leg, they'll have mastered the other teams' weaknesses enough to "kick some serious ass." What they intend to do with these weaknesses is unclear, because they are full of it, as they always are.

The Teeth arrive next, full of vim and vigor as always. Blake says, as he's been saying for several episodes, that their chances of winning are "getting better by the day." Cha-Cha-Cha lands in fourth place, complete with a comical slide up to the mat by Oswald, and they are quite relieved indeed. Oswald interviews that he's trying to take a lesson in humility from Buddha, along with endurance and patience. He does look a lot better than he did earlier in the day, but I'm still concerned.

Here come Boston and Taraweasel. Tara interviews that the other clues they've gotten for the pit stops have said that the last team to arrive would be eliminated, and this one didn't, so she was pretty sure it wasn't an elimination leg. As such, she decided that they could just saunter up and let Boston get to the mat first, because Boston had basically waited for them all day. Instead, Wil steps up and onto the mat ahead of Boston, apparently because Wil is under the impression that this is some kind of race. This annoys everyone else no end, although as was pointed out in the forums, if Tara really felt strongly about it, she could have refused to step on the mat, and I'm sure Boston would have been allowed to pass -- but you'll notice she doesn't take this option. Boston steps up, and they're last, but they're not eliminated, to no one's surprise. If they had been, though, they would have deserved it. Saunter, non-elimination, my ass.

Chris, correctly, attributes the behavior to "Wil and Tara" to the degree he has a beef, and Tara says she knows the guys aren't happy. Wil basically says he's been trying to ditch them for quite a while, so he's just as happy they're mad at him. Alex thinks Wil should have let them go first, which is still just as asinine as it was a paragraph ago. Alex says, just about as unctuously as the line suggests, "I'm just gonna take his girl. Just for steppin' in front. He's gonna have to learn a lesson the hard way." Lovely. There's not one of these people I wouldn't pay to see eaten by red ants. Honestly -- for the guy misbehaving in a race, you're going to change your relationship with his wife? What is that?

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