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In Ampawa, Boston looks for a ride to Bangkok. Nobody really speaks English, but they wind up piling into a taxi (or, as Wil would call it, a bus) and hoping for the best. "We got a little bit of a language barrier going on," Chris opines. Of course, I don't always find it easy to understand what Chris is saying either, so...I certainly sympathize with the Bangkok ground transport community. Maybe they speak English, but they don't speak Chris.

6:42 AM. Mary and the Fruit. In an interview, Mary says that she thinks Peach is finding the experience "overwhelming," but she gives her sister credit for having "grown in leaps and bounds." It's easy to find Mary patronizing in these situations, but I have a feeling that there is a lot of history here, and I suspect that as plucky as I find the Fruit these days, she may not have always been that pleasant to have around. Speaking of the Fruit, she says that Mary has pushed her when necessary, and that she's already made lots of progress in overcoming her fears. Considering how energetic she seems to be now, for a girl who was afraid to sleep on the beach in Rio, I have to say I see her point.

7:19 AM. Taraweasel reads the clue, then piles into their boat. Tara voices over about how the Weasel promised that he was going to try to improve his attitude, but as they get into the boat, he starts in on the driver literally within five seconds. No, literally. He is being rude to the driver within five seconds of dropping his ass in the boat. Good grief. Tara is joining in as well, although in her interview, she says that Wil was being an ass (thus breaking his pledge), but insists that somehow she wasn't being as bad as Wil, who was "screaming at this little Thai man." I'm sorry, did she say "little Thai man"? Ugh. Speaking of said man, I'm not sure he's drawing much of a distinction between the two of them, because he seems ready to throw them both into the drink, and rightly so. By the way, Tara is also wearing an unnecessary knit hat. Will they never learn?

7:22 AM. Teeth. They open their clue and the money for the leg ($120). A scruffy, needs-a-shave Blake interviews that other teams are showing weakness, but he and his sister are just getting stronger. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stronger or not, these two still give me the creeps. It's a whole Sci-Fi Channel movie-of-the-week thing -- "They looked like All-American siblings, but week after week, they got stronger and stronger, until one day..." Well, you know the rest, with the vacant stare and the bloodsucking and such. Oh, and can you guess what they do in the boat? That's right. They say, "Wooo!" If I didn't enjoy typing the word "teeth" so much, I would definitely call them Team Wooo! Paige interviews that they can overcome anything. What's she wearing? An unnecessary knit hat, and there's no overcoming that.

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