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Gary holds up what looks like it's part of the clue. "Look at this," he points out. "This is one word in the Thai language," he complains. "I'm upset that the British never took the time to colonize this place, because nobody speaks English. How can you make anybody go fast that takes fifteen minutes to write one word?" Okay, first of all? (THUNK-THUNKETY-THUNK.) Second of all, Gary is a jackass for making that particular joke, and there's no way around it. The fact of the matter is that there are some things that are just a little too sensitive for a clod like Gary to make into THUNK fodder, and I think that if you want to prove me right, just ask yourself how funny an analogous comment about how much of a shame it is that we abolished slavery would have been. Would you have expected laughter? Then why would you expect it from this? Furthermore, as a general matter over the last few episodes, that's a few too many Asian-culture-sucks jokes from one guy, and he needs to dial it back for a while and find something else to make fun of besides the country he's visiting and the people who live there. Look, I know he intended to amuse. But it's a dumb-ass comment, pure and simple.

Paige waxes rhapsodic in the Teethmobile about how cool it is when Blake comes up with one of these elaborately pointless pieces of maneuvering, because she thinks it's so way cool when he demonstrates his ability to "think outside the box...or as we call it, 'think outside the race.'" Oh, please don't say "think outside the race." Don't say that ever again. I detest that expression so much that it is actually in my recapper bio. That's how much I hate it. Don't make this race about Dilbert cartoons. Please. Don't say "paradigm" or "synergy" or "partnering." I can't bear it.

In the Thunk cab, Dave says that he likes Oswald and Danny, and that they're "funny, entertaining guys." "Yeah, but they're divas," Gary whines. Cut to Cha-Cha-Cha, taking their 8:31 departure time. Earflap Gary interviews that Cha-Cha-Cha is "suffer[ing] from a case of shopping withdrawal." Dave: "I don't think they're enjoying themselves that much, and I don't know how badly they want to continue." Cut back to the Chas in their boat, where Danny looks pretty happy but Oswald indeed looks pretty bummed. "Of course it won't start," he says flatly as the boat meanders. He interviews that the race was fun at first, but now it's getting to him. Danny adds that the bunching is getting them down, because they worked to get out of last place, and now there they are again.

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