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Commercials. If you don't eat at KFC, Jason Alexander will lose the only income stream he has left, not to mention the shriveled shreds of his dignity.

Drunken cameramen at the flower market. "We're about half-retarded right now," Chris remarks as they continue looking. The only good thing about that comment is that you really haven't fully appreciated an accent like Chris's until you've heard him say "retarded." It's not my fault; it's simple linguistics. ["Also -- 'half'?" -- Sars] Mary and the Fruit are still looking, too. Mary is dismayed to discover that she and Peach have crossed over to "the vegetable side." Where killer carrots roam, unfettered by the bounds of decency! Not really.

At long last, Boston finds the flag. The clue tells them to go by train to Chiang Mai and find the Old Bridge. Also, note that the clue, as Alex reads it, says that they must travel by train "all the way to Chiang Mai," which is presumably aimed at turkeys who might be tempted to, I don't know, jump off halfway there and take a taxi. Phil reviews the clue. Back at the flower market, Boston jumps into a tuk-tuk headed for the train station. Mary spots them leaving, and deduces that the clue is probably somewhere near where they were when they left. Good call, Mary! She and the Fruit follow the scent of Boston to the clue with no further difficulty. Mary talks to a driver about whether he can take them to the train station. "Train station," she says, pointing at the clue. The guy says, matter-of-factly, "Elevator." Hee! I don't entirely understand why that happened, but it was funny as hell. They eventually do find a guy who's a little clearer on the distinction between a train station and an elevator, and they're on their way.

Tara and Wil jump out of their cab, and she calls him "Weasel" again. That always puts a little smile on my face, I must admit. They're quickly followed by the Teeth. But, of course, because of The Luck Of The Evil, Tara finds the flag first, entirely by accident. When they read the clue, they recognize Chiang Mai, which makes Tara grin and makes them high-five, because of course they've learned that having heard of a place before means they'll be able to get there faster than everyone else. Idiots. Tara tries to find a cab driver to take them to the station, and gives us a glimpse of her train impression. It's pretty limited -- it doesn't go very far beyond "choo choo," and considering that trains really don't so much go "choo choo" anymore, I'm not sure how helpful that is. When they're in the cab, Wil confidently points out that other people won't spot the clue as quickly as they did. "I think, for you to do that..." Tara grins and says, "Are you giving me props right now?" Wil considers his answer, and then says, "No, I mean..." Tara: "No, I didn't think so." Sigh.

The Teeth are still looking, and Thunk is just showing up. "Look for the clue, look for the clue!" Dave yells. I would certainly hope that Gary could come up with that one on his own, although considering some of his other nonsensical behavior, I could be assuming far too much. The Teeth find the clue as Cha-Cha-Cha pulls up. Thunk finds the clue and gets a cab. Danny and Oswald are still looking. Oswald describes himself in an interview as "tired" and "a little bit angry." He says he'd rather be somewhere comfortable. Ah, wouldn't we all? They find the clue.

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