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Frustrated, Tina drops her cow head and the camera follows it poignantly to the brick pavement. She very politely approaches some locals for directions, and as they get pointed back to where they just came from, Tina soliloquizes that maybe it was in the bottom of the glass. "If you could just move a little," she prods Ken from back underneath the head. Sure enough, back at the stall they find the clue at the bottom of the empty glass she left standing there. "Tina, you should have known that, duh," Tina says. But they're not done screwing up, because now they think they have to ditch the costume back where they got it before going to the butchers'. Failure to read the clue? Or just refusing to take any chances? Hard to say.

Back at the hill with the Mongol warriors, the Frat Boys get their airborne clue, and go with the cow costume. In the cab on the way to the theater, Dan thinks he should be in front because he's faster. How long does he think that cow gets? When Andrew resists the idea, Dan claims that you need to have the bigger guy in the back. "Bigger guy's usually in the back...There's probably physics behind it." Well, clearly Dan's already got the manure-producing part of being a cow down. Terence and Sarah are still traveling through the suburbs, trying to remain optimistic.

As Toni and Dallas approach the market, some kid comes up and pretends to feed their cow from a bowl. And Ken and Tina have returned to the theater, Tina remarking, "Gives me a new appreciation for mascots." As they enter the costume shop, Ken wants Tina to be sure they're supposed to give it back, but she shuts him down, and they leave the suit -- and their chances for a second-place finish -- behind before heading to the bazaar.

Toni and Dallas are still putting on a show as they reach the bazaar, find the meat section, and narrow things down until Dallas spots an Amazing Flag on one of the stalls. They get their clue, which begins, "Make your way on foot to the next Pit Stop." Phil tells us again about the Pit Stop, "Old Square:" "This public plaza in the oldest part of the city is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race." And the last team? May be eliminated. The clue also tells them to bring their cow heads to the Pit Stop. On their way out, as they're schlepping the costume in sections while still wearing the furry white pants, Toni wants to take a cab, but Dallas reminds her that the clue rules that out. This obviously means that someone will take a cab at some point. Any guesses on who? Toni and Dallas meet Ken and Tina on the street, and Dallas wonders where their costume is. Ken reports that they dropped it off already. Without slowing down, Dallas corrects that they need to bring the costume to the butcher's stall, and Toni adds that they need to bring part to the Pit Stop. Ken and Tina didn't see that in the clue (and still don't when Tina checks), but since they're there, they figure they might as well give it a shot without the costume. And Toni and Dallas are regretting telling Ken and Tina what the deal was. "We're idiots," Toni says. Not that it's going to make much difference to them in this leg. When the find the butcher's stall, Ken and Tina discover that they indeed will not get a clue while being de-cowed, so they hurry back toward the theater to quickly re-bovinate themselves.

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