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Andrew and Dan arrive at the bazaar with an obligatory cry of "Where's the beef?" They find the sign at the butcher stall, and after they get their clue telling them to make their way to the Pit Stop on foot, they ask their cab driver to take them to the Pit Stop. In his CAB. Stupid Frat Boys. "What about our shoes at the theater?" Andrew wonders. Dan says they'll get them later. After they get to the Pit Stop in their CAB.

Terence and Sarah have become a jogging cow, with part of Terence's hand visibly holding up the headpiece. It almost looks like the cow swallowed someone who managed to lock his fingers over the edge of the jaw in his last moments. Andrew throws his and Dan's cow costume into the trunk of a CAB. They get there pretty quickly, of course, since they took a CAB, and they run up to the mat. Phil tells them they're the fourth team to arrive. "However, you have not read your clue correctly." Andrew pulls out the clue and finds where it says "make your way on foot." They just stand there flummoxed, not knowing what to do, until Phil tells them, "Go back to the end of the Detour and then make your way back here to the mat on foot." They head out. "And you better move!" Phil yells unsympathetically at their retreating backs. So awesome. They run back out to the street, where there are currently no cabs at all. "We're gonna lose because of that? Now I'm pissed," Andrew says as we leave them stranded by the curb.

After the ads, Andrew wonders, "Is it just me, or would that be a long-ass walk?" For you two, maybe. Meanwhile, Terence is lavishing praise and encouragement on Sarah for how well she's doing under the costume. It's like he's aware of the danger that these could be his final moments on television and he doesn't want to leave us with a memory of him as...well, as Terence. Either that, or he's thinking about the expression "Nice guys finish last" and figured that he better get nice in a hurry.

The Frat Boys finally get a cab back to the Detour. Terence and Sarah agree to run faster. "Moo!" Terence bellows from under the headpiece. "I'm like an angry cow." In their cab, Dan and Andrew remind each other to remember the way back. Not that either of them is sparing a glance out the back window. Terence guides Sarah down a curb. "We're about to enter. Follow me." Like she has a choice. The Frat Boys de-cab and begin the long walk back to the Pit Stop. "Dude, I think it's this way," is the first thing they say. Good sign, that. Finally Terence and Sarah get the clue sending them to the Pit Stop. Andrew and Dan are already on their way back there, and the costume boots are beginning to take their toll. "You can't run in these things," Andrew says. It's not clear if "these things" means the Wellies or Andrew's legs. Their slowness could hurt them, as Sarah and Terence are resolving to haul ass to the Pit Stop at a run. Andrew asks a young local couple for directions, which takes too much time for Dan's liking: "They don't know what they're doing either," Dan bitches, as they clearly point Andrew up the street. Terence and Sarah are also getting directions to the Pit Stop, which is more understandable for them as they have not already been there. And the Frat Boys are arguing again, as Andrew says he's been patient with Dan throughout the race. Dan thinks it's the other way around. Without taking sides one way or another, Dan is wrong. Andrew brings up the BloKart debacle, and Dan admits that Andrew has been patient in a different way. "I've been patient myself, with speed," he claims, whatever that means. Dan can be patient the fastest? Andrew insists that they walk as a team. Dan still wants the team to walk faster. This is not going to get resolved until they get eliminated, and even then it'll only be resolved for us, the viewers. Dan and Andrew will still be bitching at each other about it when they're eighty and racing to Old Country Buffet.

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