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Cultural Ignorant Americans Make Little Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

I don't really believe that both teams got in and out of there in less than a half hour, but we're just now seeing Terence and Sarah leaving the Pit Stop at 10:43. Terence has not bothered to do anything with his hair this leg, or else he has and the high winds have fucked it all up for him. Well-played, high winds. Sarah says she's thrilled to be going to Kazakhstan, probably so she can learn another language in the airport there ten seconds after they arrive. In the back of their cab to the Delhi airport, their driver grins at us as Terence stresses out about all the papers he's carrying. Indeed, he looks like he's doing his taxes back there or something. Sarah would really like him to calm him down a bit, and he asks her not to spoil her pleasant, relaxed mood. Like waving a red cape, Sarah.

Ken and Tina leave over an hour later at 11:48 p.m., and Tina says that they've been communicating better over the last couple of legs. "If it all comes together, there's no team that can beat us." As an example of their communications skills, they take the time to make sure their driver is taking them to the right airport.

The Siblings and Toni/Dallas arrive at the airport at roughly the same time, hoping their Lufthansa reservations will put them ahead of the other teams.

At 12:00 a.m., Andrew and Dan show off their "Last to depart" subtitle, which is starting to get a little worn around the corners from overuse. "Kazakhstan, baby, Borat!" Dan crows predictably. Andrew interviews that the teams that are left are heavy hitters. However, "Teams should not be counting us out. We're still here." "Nothing's ever final until you get on that plane," Dan philosophizes in their cab. I would have more respect for them if they just accepted reality and openly embraced the strategy that has gotten them this far: being on the race with one other team who screws up even worse than they do.

Terence/Sarah arrive at the airport without reservations, and at the first ticket counter they find, they are told they can expect to arrive at "1:20 in the night," although there are only two tickets available on that flight. Does that mean their camera and sound guys would have to take a rickshaw to Kazakhstan?

Ken and Tina arrive at the Delhi airport, and run into trouble as soon as they get out of their cab: "Our bag broke," Ken reports, picking stuff up from the drop-off lane and putting it back into the remains of what looks like a brown paper grocery sack that he's carrying along with his backpack. No idea what he's doing with that. They spot Nick/Starr and Toni/Dallas inside the terminal and go to join them. Meanwhile, Terence/Sarah's ticket agent has told them about the Lufthansa flight through Frankfurt that the lead teams are on, so they head over to the Lufthansa counter, only to find three teams there in line ahead of them. Toni notices Ken and Tina in the line behind them and offers a "good for them," which Nick jokingly disagrees with, patting her on the arm. I guess we can assume that the Siblings' alliance with "Mom and Dad" has come to an end. Ken/Tina and Terence/Sarah end up at separate counters at the same time, in what is essentially a race between which agent can lock up the last few seats faster, a race that Ken and Tina's agent wins. "Now we're trying other options," Terence tells us just before we see the plane subtitled "First Flight to Almaty" lifting off into the night.

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