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Cultural Ignorant Americans Make Little Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Suddenly Phil is walking around the tables in a Kazakh restaurant, seemingly oblivious to the many belly dancers who are writhing around in the background trying to get his attention. He describes this second of the race's two Fast Forwards as "a traditional Kazakh feast. What they'll find out is that the main ingredient is the fat from the rear end of a sheep." Yum! Both team members have to eat a big plate of it to win the Fast Forward. Nick and Starr decide to go for it. So do Terence and Sarah. They race all the way to their taxis, and both teams rush their drivers out of there, but it's Nick and Starr who end up out ahead. "Babe, I don't think this is a good idea," Sarah says to Terence. "I do," he pants. That right there should tell you that this is going to be disastrous for them. By way of explaining why they didn't try for the Fast Forward this time, Dan and Andrew interview, "This team doesn't live on big gambles." Especially given the way that they are frankly intimidated by the two teams who are going for it.

Now all six of the racers staying behind for the Road Block have to don paper coveralls, hoods, booties, masks, and gloves before stepping inside, which apparently smells about like you'd expect any room containing thirty thousand chickens to smell. The three players wade out into the avian tide, carefully stepping over the ankle-level drinking pipes that run the whole length of the room. Their partners talk about the risk of the Fast Forward. "There's two of 'em going for it, one of 'em's coming back," Ken says. If he reminds Dan that he and Tina beat them out to the last one, we don't get to hear it.

In their cabs, Nick and Starr are aware of Terence and Sarah behind them. "This is what the race is about, taking the chance and going for it," Terence pronounces, while Sarah nods and smiles next to him. You know, I can understand why Sarah wouldn't want to argue with Terence every time he's wrong, because that would be a full-time job. But there are times where it might be worth the effort.

Back at the chicken coop, Dan yells at Andrew not to worry about stepping on the birds' feet. Toni is the first one to find an egg, and she hurries back to Dallas. Outside, they get their clue, which tells them to find some giant crane trucks that just happen to be parked nearby. Is Kazakhstan famous for crane trucks? Maybe someone in the production misheard a comment about the country's population of Siberian cranes, or simply decided this episode had too many birds and animals as it is. Whatever the case, each team will ride in one of these crane trucks to the Koktobe Arch near the Tienshan Mountains. Then it's up a marked footpath to meet a Mongol Warrior, at which point they'll "wait for their next clue to arrive." Wait? Who wants to watch waiting? I'm not recapping The Amazing Wait here. Fortunately, the reason for the waiting will turn out to be kind of cool.

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