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Cultural Ignorant Americans Make Little Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Andrew and Dan have begun leaning out the window of their truck to ask people for directions as they lumber by. They're running into two classic problems: the Language Barrier, and the Nobody Wants To Help Andrew And Dan Barrier.

At the Fast Forward, the Siblings are more than halfway done with their "food," while Terence and Sarah are getting nowhere. Sarah interviews that she was trying to give Terence tips on getting the food down, although she seems to be more giving him tips on how to vomit if need be. He's ready to give up, while Nick and Starr are still powering through. "Can you finish that?" Terence asks Sarah, hoping to get off the hook. "Yep," she says instantly. Looking over at the Siblings' table, they finally give it up as a lost cause, which is really their only option. Even if Terence could eat the meal at all, which as the husband of a vegetarian I respectfully doubt, there's no way he could finish before either Nick or Starr, let alone both of them. "Congratulations, you guys," Terence calls over his shoulder as they leave. Nick and Starr share a gloating high-five, happy that another team attempted the ass-eating Fast Forward.

Toni and Dallas have hired a cab, apparently able to abandon their crane transport for the day. Ken and Tina get their Detour clue from the falcon, and go for "Act Like a Fool," thinking it'll be faster to walk around in a cow suit. "Guess what half I am," Ken says in the cab.

Terence has made his and Sarah's cabdriver pull over so he can get out and retch, which they really don't have time for because they have to get their loser asses back to the Road Block, where everyone else is of course long gone. "We should have just bailed when we saw it was food," Terence postmortems. "I mean, you were doing a great job, you were slowing down because of me. We messed up. I messed up. It was my idea to go for the Fast Forward." Sarah doesn't exactly disagree with him. If she doesn't argue with him when he's wrong, why should she argue with him when he's right?

Dan is sticking his head out of the crane's cab, yelling at people who are standing around at a bus stop or something. Nobody makes a move. Apparently Kazakhs are immune to Dan's particular brand of loud, obnoxious, uptight American charm.

At the Fast Forward, Starr is finished eating and can now focus on encouraging Nick to put away the last few forkfuls. He finishes his last bite, and Starr gets handed their next clue before he even wipes his mouth. Now they're off to the next Pit Stop, a place called "Old Square." In the cab, Starr is saying that she knew Terence and Sarah wouldn't be able to do the food. "They could be so screwed right now," she says. "Could be?" Nick shoots back.

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