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Gary and Matt leave at 12:35, in fifth place. Gary interviews that they hadn't planned on following other teams: "We're smarter than that." Smart is fine, but fast is also important. Except they don't know where the world's tallest building is, which calls their smartness claims somewhat into question (yes, I didn't know where it is either, but I'm not claiming to be smart. In this recap, at least).

Meghan and Cheyne are taking off at 12:37, interviewing about their "frontrunner-type mentality." Generally speaking, I'm more impressed with their frontrunner-type racing. They sweat like frontrunners, if nothing else.

Sam and Dan get to the ticket window at the airport and tell the ticket agent, "We need to book tickets to the Persian Gulf." Better hope it only has one airport, then. "Oh, I never heard of this before," she says from behind her flu mask. Oops. Sam suddenly realizes that the Persian Gulf is a region. Fortunately for them, Team Miss America shows up, and when the brothers complain to them, "The Persian Gulf isn't even a country," like this is so unfair, Brian tells them they're all going to Dubai. Which does fit with his theme for the episode of helping other teams, but on the other hand I'd like to see him try to book a flight to the United Arab Emirates in front of the brothers without giving it away. Seriously, I would have really liked to see that.

At 12:47, Lance rips his and Keri's clue in such a way that we can now add "litterer" to his list of charming qualities. As they take off in sixth place, they interview about the strong bond they have. "And we have a lot of non-refundable deposits on the wedding at this point," Lance adds romantically. Off they go in search of the internet café.

Mika and Canaan, who I'm finally giving in and calling Team Nashville, are leaving at 12:49, in seventh place. Canaan's reaction to the clue's mention of the world's tallest building is some salty language: "Shnikes!" Whoa, you can say that on TV? As they get in their cab, we learn that Mika, in addition to her fear of water, also has a fear of heights. He tells her to change her "'tude," and she tells him to quit telling her what to do. Canaan looks like she just smacked him. Oh, the "newly dating" couples on this show are always such a crapshoot, aren't they?

Maria and Tiffany are leaving at 12:55, in last place and fully aware that there but for the grace of Justin's butterfingers go they. They pay some lip service to feeling bad for Team Asperger's, "But the rules are the rules." Tiffany concludes, "We're appreciative for the lucky chances and we think we can be contenders." I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she's half right.

Meghan and Cheyne join the first two teams at the ticket counter, closely followed by Mika|Canaan and Gary|Matt. Brian is still at the head of the go-to-Dubai call tree, informing everyone of their destination as they walk up.

Lance and Keri have gone to a completely different (but nicer) internet café than the Globetrotters did, sharing a cubicle and learning all on their own that they need to get to Dubai. Lance tries to pull up a ticket booking site, and they sit there waiting for the page to load. Lance thinks it's because the tickets are getting booked, and Keri blames the computer, and then he blames the site. The Amazing Cameraman zooms in tight on the screen, lest we get any funny ideas about checking to see if they're running into this trouble on Travelocity.

The Globetrotters and Team Inside Straight join the growing group at the ticket window. "I can't believe we're all on the same flight out of here again," Gary mutters. Why not? Seems to be SOP lately. Even Lance and Keri, having either given up on waiting for their page to load or having run into the same booking restrictions as the Globetrotters, are able to score seats on the same flight through Bangkok, even though everyone else is gone by the time they get to the window. Which they should probably get used to.

And I still wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it, but here's the Amazing Red Line, making a quick stop in Bangkok and then skipping right over the entire Indian subcontinent before landing "in Dubai, on the Persian Gulf."

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