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I'm Not A Miner! No, You're An Idiot!, Part I

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Thunk finishes reserving tickets, and they get a cab for the airport. In the cab, Gary starts bitching about Danny and Oswald again. "I don't like how Cha-Cha-Cha just walks past us, doesn't talk to us...just puts their nose in the air." What the hell is Gary's problem all of a sudden? He certainly has gone from thunky-but-harmless to downright misanthropic in about half an episode. Dave is tired of him, too, because he doesn't even look at Gary, but just keeps concentrating on his juice box.

Danny and Oswald go into the hotel. They ask the concierge to recommend a travel agent, and having landed the skinny on the agency the hotel itself uses, they're on their way.

Taraweasel's cab passes Boston's on the way to the airport. (Boston, incidentally, looks like they need about three days of sleep at this point before they'll begin to be caught up.) When the teams meet up there, they exchange a little banter about the rowing and the taxi-ing. Inside, the four of them work on booking seats. Elsewhere, Cha-Cha-Cha finds its travel agency, which happens to be located in the Lucky Building. No, really. It's that kind of day for them. Anyway, they explain to the travel agent exactly what they need, and she asks them to give her an hour to work on it. I, of course, am thinking, "An hour? You don't have an hour!" They, on the other hand, decide to take advantage of this free hour to...go shopping! First stop? A mocha frappucino. Good choice, boys! I love the mocha frappucino, myself. It is so far superior to any of the other chilled coffee slushies that there is just no comparison. I mean, I love Caribou, but the Coolers have enough sugar to rot six sets of molars before you can even swallow the stuff. Not that this is really about that. At any rate, Cha-Cha-Cha next finds themselves at a ritzy store with a bottle of to-die-for cologne that Danny just can't get over. They leave the store and start down the sidewalk, but Oswald's spidey-sense is tingling, and he just knows that Danny wants that cologne bad. They run back to get it, obviously giddy with excitement. They are out-of-control adorable. Furthermore, say what you will, but if they manage to get away with it, this is a marvelous strategic move. As discussed previously, your biggest enemy at this point in the race is Killer Fatigue, which causes you to run out of steam, lose your concentration, and start screwing up. If you can refuel -- really, seriously, totally refuel -- it's probably the best thing you can do for your race performance. So as much fun as this shopping sequence is, it's also a very smart move, provided they don't get screwed by the travel agent, which is what does give it some element of risk.

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