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Chris and Alex are next out of the airport, and they, too, are mystified about where Danny and Oswald wound up. To their credit, none of these teams assume that just because Cha-Cha-Cha isn't with them, they're necessarily behind them. "Danny and Oswald?" Chris says. "Who knows where?"

In Roadblock news, Oswald has found his way to a guy with a surfboard and loud pants on, so he goes up to him and, as instructed, says, "G'day, mate." The next clue sends him to a park to look for a "true blue ankle-biter." Significantly, he stops under a little overhang and re-checks the clue to see whether he's supposed to keep going or return to Danny. The clue specifically tells him to keep going until he finds a clue sending him back to his partner, so he keeps on trucking. Or, in this case, running. That kind of calm, you see, is what you gain when you spend an hour sniffing cologne instead of standing in line at the airport. Back at the opera house, Danny waits for him to return.

Gary and Dave read the Roadblock clue, and since it says that the person will have to "speak good Australian," Dave takes it. Gary says he "didn't do well in Australian in school." Boy, that is a classic (THUNK) line if ever there was one. So much effort, so little payoff.

Next out of the airport are Blake and Paige. She seems to not feel well (maybe it's the exposure to Blake's jacket), but they take off for the opera house anyway. Taraweasel leaves at about the same time.

Dave finds the surfie and keeps going. Chris and Alex get to the opera house and open the clue, and Alex takes the Roadblock. Oswald is running through the rain looking for the ankle-biter park. Somebody tells him this would be a little kid (even I knew that one, though), and he gets to the park and finds a kid on a tricycle with little Australian flags all over it. Aww. Now he has to find a Sheila in an Aussie cozzie. A friendly fellow tells him that Sheila is just any girl, and an Aussie cozzie is a swimsuit. The things you learn on this show, I'm tellin' ya. Now if I ever go to Australia and need a bathing suit and some loud pants, I'm going to know just what to ask for.

Back at the Roadblock starting point, Gary and Chris are waiting for Dave and Alex to return, just like it's an old movie and their husbands are out at sea. Blake and Paige arrive, and Blake takes the Roadblock, owing to Paige's iffy health situation.

Alex is having a harder time finding folks to help him with the slang than Ozzie did (duh), but he does find the surfie. Dave finds the ankle-biter, while back at the starting point, Taraweasel arrives and Wil takes on the task. "Read the directions as you go," Tara stresses as Wil runs away. Our old friend Foreshadowing (tm Sars) flies overhead, cawing and flapping its vulture-like wings.

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