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I'm Not A Miner! No, You're An Idiot!, Part I

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Thunk is at the bus station, but not much is afoot there yet. They need a bus to Repulse Bay (is it actually "Repulse Bay"?), and Dave is carefully counting out their money. They have to wait a while for the bus, because the first one doesn't go until 6:00 AM, so they stretch out on what looks like some cold and uncomfortable pavement.

5:50 AM. Taraweasel, really starting to look dirty and stanky. Wil voices over about his own bad attitude, pointing out that the "race creates a lot of creates a lot of anger." Well, the race creates anxiety. Acting like a dick creates anger. Anyway, Wil sees his entire obnoxious, self-centered routine as a simple and healthy manifestation of the fact that he wants to win the money. Are you shocked? Me, too. In other news related to Wil's attitude, as well as the general information category of Past Resolutions Made and Quickly Abandoned, guess what happens as soon as Wil gets on the little boat to shore? You guessed it. "Go, go, go, go, go," he weasels to the boat pilot, as Tara looks on in total disgust. When they're on land, they ask a guy for directions, and he tells them that any number six bus can take them to the bay. As they walk, they discuss the Fast Forward, and Wil's theory that they should take it if they can make the timing work out as far as when flights leave and so forth.

As they discuss the Fast Forward, Phil exposits on the matter of the FFFundamentals. He intones, among other things on which I can't concentrate, my favorite Phil-ism, which you will remember is, "most advantageous to go for it." Hee. Phil has also finally abandoned his recent black-on-black fashion statement, and is back to one of his serene blue button-downs and khakis. Great googly-mooglies, Phil is a cutie. It's an easy thing to overlook, but...that would be wrong.

Anyway, this week's Fast Forward requires you to motivate yourself to the Po Lin monastery, where you climb 268 steps to Hong Kong's biggest Buddha, and then you pick up another clue. Taraweasel discuss whether to do the FF or not, and eventually, they seem to settle on not doing it, although the conversation is very hard to follow. Wil seems at first to lean toward the FF, saying, "I just hope Alex and Chris don't do it," but then Tara says, "Let's just take the bus, and not use our Fast Forward." For one of the first times ever, I found this sequence weirdly edited so that it was really hard to figure out what they were talking about, partly because both the regular task and the FF involve statues, so when people refer to looking for "the statue," it's hard to guess at what they're talking about. Yes, I know. I'm overthinking.

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