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Cut to Alex and Chris, on their way to the bus and not at all using their Fast Forward. As they arrive at a bus stop (not, apparently, the bus station where Thunk went), they ask their taxi driver how often the bus comes by that's heading for Repulse Bay, and he tells them every twenty minutes. They hop out at the bus stop at 6:00 AM, just as Thunk leaves the station on the first bus of the day. On the bus, Gary wonders about the height of the double-decker. "How come buses don't come this tall in America? Everything comes tall in America except buses." Wow, that barely even merits a (THUNK), it's so puny. The bus whizzes past Taraweasel, who notice that it was the number six bus only after it's already gone by. On the second level of the bus, Dave belches and Gary looks at the newspaper, while down on the street, Tara and Wil fail to stop the bus so they can climb on.

Now that this first bus is gone, Tara suggests that she and Wil go for the Fast Forward, and Wil posits that Boston probably went for it. She says she thinks they didn't, because she told them that she and Wil were going to go for it. Oh, dear. She told Chris and Alex? I'm not in favor of Wil and all his yelling, but she certainly shouldn't have flapped her yap about this particular point. Wil is unhappy, and Tara asks him what he wants to do now that they've missed the bus. He says he wanted to get on the bus. She points out that there's no time machine, so he's going to have to come up with something else. He says to go for the FF, because he's just sure Chris and Alex will go for it, owing to Tara "open[ing] up [her] fucking mouth, as if they're [her] brothers." Well, not so much like they're her brothers, I don't think, but who am I to shatter Wil's delusions? [Miss Alli's Mom: "They're going to end up like Karyn and Lenny."] He goes on to get mad at her again some more. I'm so sorry I probably won't ever get to spend any quality time with these people in person. They're so unfailingly pleasant, you know? Maybe we could have breakfast, and they could throw scrambled eggs at each other and smear syrup in each other's hair. It sounds like such a good time.

Chris and Alex pick up the number six bus, and it turns out to be the same one that Thunk is on, up on the second deck, where Gary overhears Chris talking and says, "He's so irritating." Gary finds Chris irritating? Wow. That's beyond pot/kettle territory. What's bigger than pot/kettle? The industrial stove calling the Sub-Zero refrigerator stainless steel? Nah, very weak, I'll have to keep working on it. Boston goes upstairs, and Dave greets them with, "Boston boys are punks." Oh, how very tiresome.

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