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I'm Not A Miner! No, You're An Idiot!, Part I

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Tara and Wil are grabbing a cab to the Fast Forward island. In the cab, Wil harangues her again about opening her mouth to Boston, employing a pretty apt poker reference, and she continues to insist that it didn't matter. "If I didn't tell them, they would still maybe go for it," she counters. Yeah, nice try, there, girlie. She's wrong, and she knows it.

6:29 AM. Cha-Cha-Cha. As they get on the little boat, Oswald interviews that they want no part of the ugliness and backstabbing and random acts of unkindness that seem to be running rampant among the other teams. He also says that they have a new strategy for this leg, which is to go to a nice hotel to ask directions to wherever they're supposed to go. As they walk, he comments that if the cold keeps up, he's "going to be an icicle." Aw. I feel you, Oswald, because we have snow in the forecast up here on the tundra right now, and I'm damn tired of it. TIRED, you hear me?

6:32 AM. Teeth. Paige voices over that they knew they had a chance to catch up at the top of this leg, because the statue doesn't open until later in the morning, which will create immediate bunching. Sigh. They get ashore and ask directions, and when they've politely thanked the impromptu guide, Paige quietly points out to Blake that they need to pick up the pace a little bit, and he agrees. This is practically the first time Paige has spoken voluntarily to say anything except how wonderful Blake is, so I suppose there's that to be grateful for. She tells him that they have "no room for mistakes," and they "have to play this game perfectly." In retrospect, considering the rest of this episode? That's really rather funny.

Boston and Thunk get off the bus, with Chris needling Gary about "following on [Chris's] coattails." Heh. Dave asks after Wil and Tara, and Boston doesn't share any info, although presumably they think Taraweasel is going for the FF. As the four guys walk together toward the statue, Gary nags about whether they know where they're going, and Chris asks him to calm down. "You guys, like, fester like bugs on somebody and make them freak out." Alex is wearing a very endearing grin. Gary bitches some more, and Chris goes on in a voice-over: "Gary gets on my nerves because he just talks and talks, and then when he doesn't have anything to talk about...he just talks about somethin'." Ha! Did you hear that sound? That was Chris becoming, just for fifteen seconds, completely my boyfriend. I mean, it's already over between us, but it was a lovely fifteen seconds. Thank you, Chris. I officially forgive you for the "Dive Into A Nest At The Rambler's Roost" shirt.

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