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Gypsies, Vamps, and Beams

Team Family Law has already reached the Lufthansa counter at the Munich airport, and have in fact gotten on the 3:20 flight. Great news, right? Just wait.

Brad and Victoria leave the Pit Stop at 12:53, and I've finally figured out who Brad looks like: Joe Biden as drawn by Matt Groening. Imagine his head with a cartoon nutrient jar drawn around it like on Futurama and see if I'm wrong. There's some sharing time, as Brad interviews, "I'm a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. I've been sober for over 25 years." They're hoping the race will help them see "what's important in life." Because nothing gives you more perspective than constantly being in situations where a seemingly minor mistake can cost you a million dollars.

At 1:17, Jaime and Cara leave in sixth place. Still can't tell them apart. Also, since they arrived after dark during the last leg, I think we can assume this wasn't a twelve-hour rest period. I'm guessing this was an eighteen-hour break, if only to give everyone time to get the pie off.

Teams two through five (The Whites, Amanda|Kris, Margie|Luke, and Brad|Victoria) all seem to board the same train to Munich, but it's a long train and they all appear to be in separate, very sparsely populated cars. Kris and Amanda befriend a local who calls the travel agency on his cell phone and gets them booked on the 4:45 Tarom flight. Since they're scheduled to arrive in Munich at 4:15, their friend doesn't think they can make it, but they assure him they're plenty fast. He's like, okay, your funeral.

Meanwhile, in another carriage, Brad and Victoria have befriended an entire family. They tell them about the 4:45 flight and a 9:30 flight, and similarly advise them against trying for the earlier flight. Brad acknowledges the wisdom of that, but Victoria is hoping to find more options once they get to the terminal. Which is the kind of thing that sounds like a good idea.

Kisha and Jen leave the Pit Stop at 1:51. They jog off the grounds of Schloss Hellbrunn, with an extra pair of athletic shoes bobbling from Jen's backpack for some reason. Jen says they need to work on their communication as a team. She says they do well on the challenges, but not so much getting to the challenges. Though not in so many words. Mark and Michael leave at 2:00. We'll catch up with them later. Briefly.

Christie and Jodi are the last to leave at 2:42, and Jodi's wearing a t-shirt with a giant photo of someone who I assume is Jodi's daughter. She must be so proud, seeing her face on TV over that "Last to depart" subtitle. Off they go with their rollie suitcases.

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