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Tammy and Victor's flight lifts off to Bucharest at 3:25. Then we see the train carrying the next four teams arriving at the Munich station. I think it got there early, because The Whites get on that coveted 4:45 Tarom flight just by going to the counter. And by being charming.

Tammy and Victor's luck has run out at the worst possible time: in the air over Germany. From his window seat, Victor narrates that the captain just announced that they have to return to Munich due to technical problems with the plane. Wow, that's not something you see every week.

Brad and Victoria are at a ticket counter, being told they aren't going to make the 4:45 Tarom flight. The agent suggests a KLM flight leaving at 7:30 and transferring, where else, in Amsterdam. That should put them in Bucharest at midnight, which beats what their train friends found for them. They go with that option, in order to save 25 minutes. We'll see how that works out for them.

Poor Victor and Tammy have to get back off their plane and join the rest of their fellow passengers on a shuttle back to the terminal, hoping to catch the 4:45 Tarom flight. Which is now boarding, while the shuttle bus sits becalmed on the tarmac. And they are in fact still on the bus when the flight leaves with The Whites, Margie|Luke, and Amanda|Kris on board. You have to feel bad for them, because this falls firmly in the "no fault of their own" category of delay. Don't worry, they'll have plenty of the other kind later on.

We catch up with Cara|Jaime and Kisha|Jen at the Munich airport, learning about that 9:30 Lufthansa flight along with Mark|Michael and the Flight Attendants. All four teams opt for that one, along with -- the bitter, bitter irony -- Tammy and Victor. Meanwhile, Brad and Victoria hear an announcement that their flight is going to be late getting into Amsterdam. They decline to freak out about it. "I do not want to spend the night in Amsterdam," Brad says as they board. I assume that's a reference to their rank in the race and not to the kind of trouble a recovering drug addict and alcoholic can get into in Amsterdam. Whatever the case, they're airborne at 7:30.

Team Go Team encounters Tammy and Victor at the airport bar, and are completely blown away by what happened to them. And then Kisha|Jen and the Stuntmen show up. It's like a party, except nobody wants to be there.

Brad and Victoria land in Amsterdam and rush to make their connection, but the ticket agent says they're out of luck: "The flight left already." Dude, that's gotta hurt. After a well-deserved commercial break, there's more bad news for them: that was the last flight of the day, and Amsterdam is fogged in for the night. They're not flying anywhere until 9:15 the next morning. "It is what it is," Brad says as he kisses Victoria. Which is one of my favorite euphemisms for "We are fucked."

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