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Gypsies, Vamps, and Beams

Amanda and Kris have already arrived at the Bucharest train station, an imposing structure with a classical stone fa├žade upon which is inscribed the words "Cara De Nord." Margie and Luke aren't far behind, but it doesn't matter; the next train isn't leaving until 6:30 the next morning anyway. Amanda is not looking forward to spending the night in the train station. "It's kinda freaky," she says, as though she's never seen people sleeping in a train station or an airport or a Wal-Mart before. Meanwhile, back at the gym, Mike finishes up and looks completely wrung out. "I want my freaking medal!" he says.

The second flight touches down in Bucharest, so here come Team Family Law, the Stuntmen, Kisha|Jen, Team Go Team, and the Flight Attendants. Victor has reached the point in the leg where he begins to outsmart himself, as out the window of the cab he sees a sign with a picture of a sports complex and decides that's where they need to be. So they hop out and start running around the grounds. Tammy doesn't think this is right, but you can probably guess how far that gets her.

Kisha and Jen are the next to enter the gym, and Kisha's doing her first Road Block. Mark will be doing this for the Stuntmen, Jaime and Cara give this one to the redheaded ex-cheerleader, and Jodi is taking it for the Flight Attendants. Outside, Victor asks some passersby for directions, and gets pointed straight ahead instead of getting rolled by the kind of people who are out walking around in Bucharest in the wee hours of the morning. In the gym, Kisha finishes the beam while Jodi's still on hers, and Mark gets started. Victor celebrates as he and Tammy finally, belatedly arrive, and Tammy's taking this for them. The other teams are making progress, although Kisha and the cheerleader are having problems with the parallel bars, due to wanting to stick to basketball and having "zero upper body strength," respectively.

And as Tammy mounts the beam, we hear her interview, "From the moment I ran into that Road Block and I saw the other teams were ahead of us, I just got stressed and I was already thinking about how we were going to get out of here as opposed to thinking about what I had to do." So she biffs the balance beam. Meanwhile, Mark speeds down the parallel bars like some kind of parallel-bar-doing robot, and Jodi finishes up and gets the clue for the Flight Attendants in fourth. Mark and Michael aren't far behind. Kisha and the cheerleader finish the parallel bars, and begin the floor exercise pretty much in sync with each other. Tammy finally moves on to the parallel bars, and doesn't do much better there, either in spite or because of Victor's Bela Karolyi routine from the sidelines. By now the cheerleaders are done and out, with Kisha|Jen not far behind. Finally Tammy makes it to the floor exercise, and she does the worst cartwheel I've ever seen. It's more like a cheese wheel, as she sort of swings her feet around herself instead of over. Then she can't manage a somersault, unlike your average toddler. "It's frustrating because I think she's not thinking right now," Victor tells us in between yelling instructions at his sister. Victor says they have to catch up. "Right now we're just totally behind." And of course none of that would have anything to do with the fact that he insisted they get out of their cab several blocks early.

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