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Gypsies, Vamps, and Beams

Amanda|Kris decide on "Gypsy Moves," while the Flight Attendants and Tammy|Victor (which is to say, Victor) opt for "Vampire Remains." Kisha and Jen agree on "Gypsy Moves." The cheerleaders aren't sure which way to go, but Luke's wanting to do vampire, which he's both saying and demonstrating by miming a stake and pointing to his neck. So the little alliance is off to the woods. The Whites are going with "Gypsy Moves." "The other one sounded too complicated," Mike explains on the way back to their cab. The Stuntmen arrive last and also opt for Gypsy Moves. "I can drive a cart, that's no problem," Mark says. But is it as simple as running?

Brad and Victoria finally land in Bucharest, unbowed but undeluded. "Everything just has to fall into place, "Brad says as they ride in a cab toward the sports complex. Which is true, plus having some other team fall off a mountain wouldn't hurt either.

The cheerleaders are not having good luck with their cabdriver, and not doing a very good job of hiding their frustration. Surprisingly, being irritated doesn't appear to make them go faster.

At the Roma camp, a band is tearing it up on accordion, bass, saxophone, violin, hammer dulcimer, and God knows what else. It's a glorious racket. Amanda|Kris get there first, closely followed by The Whites. Mel's groin is already hurting when they find the collection of what they have to move, which includes shit like an electric stove, giant tires, and the stripped body of an automobile. You know what, show? I think these Gypsies are kind of fucking with you. The Whites quickly regret picking the most physical option. But at least they don't have to lift the stuff onto the cart by themselves; it's more like they're helping the people move. Just like we've all done, except they get to deal with a horse cart, which is inherently less humiliating than dealing with U-Haul. Kris and Amanda are moving faster than the Whites, but even Kris is struggling with some of the weightier items.

Cara|Jaime's driver? Still lost, and still getting bitched at for it, while Margie and Luke are following them. I would think the only thing worse than being stuck inside a cab with a driver who's lost is being stuck inside a cab that's following a driver who's lost. "Why are we driving on the sidewalk?" one of the cheerleaders demands. She doesn't seem to get an answer that satisfies her. One wonders what that answer might be. Also, she'd better pace herself, or Asia's cabbies are going to give her an aneurysm.

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