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Gypsies, Vamps, and Beams

Tammy and Victor are still ascending, she still voicing her doubts. "I think going back right now would be a big mistake," he insists. Yes, they've already committed to the wrong direction. Too late to correct now. Imagine how much time that would take!

Christie and Jodi manage to start dragging their coffin down the hill. Meanwhile, the alliance of Team Go Team and Margie|Luke have finally found the starting point, and when Luke finds the marked path first, he calls out to Jaime and waves them over before they can start wandering off in Team Family Law's wake. Speaking of whom..."Look, we're doing so great!" Victor says. Now that they are high enough to see all of Transylvania from where they are. Except of course anything that would lead them to the Detour task.

Amanda and Kris finish unloading their cart and get their clue. Next stop: Pit Stop, namely Villa Panoramic. It looks like a picturesque chalet, but Phil sets us straight: it's a "small inn overlooking the castle linked to the story of Dracula." And the last team to arrive may be eliminated. But of course Kris has to find his "fanny" before they can go there. While he and Amanda are running back to get it, Mel and Mike finish up in second place.

The three teams currently doing "Vampire Remains" are still dragging their coffins downhill. Once they get to the clearing, (which Margie and Luke accomplish first, while Luke scampers downhill in a way that has to have him flashing back to the cheese race), there's a key to the first lock hanging from one of the stakes poking up from the ground. After using that to open the first lock, the second key is apparently inside it, and then you have to find which lock that goes to, while unwinding the chains as you go. "Like a maze," says one of the Flight Attendants. Well, not really, but okay. That's about as Blondes Mark 14 as they get this week, so I'm letting it slide.

Tammy and Victor are still lost, as she points out that it's not like they've run into anyone else up here. "We're not going back down," he decrees. Oh, you're going down, Victor. Just not in the way you think.

Way back in Bucharest, Brad and Victoria are still hanging on. Victoria does the gymnastics, looking better in a leotard than anyone her age has a right to. They're off to Transylvania, and presumably the Romanian gymnasts will continue their perpetual workouts without them.

While Kisha|Jen and the Stuntmen continue loading their carts, Mel and Mike hop into their cab to the Pit Stop while Kris starts looking for his Amazing Purse. Kisha and Jen are on their way to the new spot by now. When Kris doesn't find his Amazing Purse in the tractor tire where he insists he put it, Amanda tells him to calm down, because it has to be around somewhere. "Someone stole it, that's the thing," he says. That doesn't seem like something you'd want to say loudly at a Romany camp. They might be sensitive about remarks like that. His plan is to freak out, but she thinks they should keep their cool. I'm on her side there. It's an even more admirable position, given that she's not the one who lost it in the first place.

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