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Oswald and Danny and Teri and Ian are both having some difficulty getting to the pit stop. It looks like maybe Teri and Ian's initial turn was right, but now they're asking for directions anyway. They get passed by the BQs, and then by Danny and Oswald. Dustin and Kandice run onto the mat and are checked in as team number four. No harm, no foul for not doing the leg following the route that was dictated by the clues. I think the reason this hasn't bothered me before is that it's never been this clear that if you don't impose a penalty, then it doesn't necessarily cost anyone anything. When everything is all close together, there aren't any consequences, and if it were up to me, I'd impose some minimum consequence to make sure this didn't happen, because if I were a team that really worked hard until I found the La Maquina sign, this would piss me off.

Bill and Joe and Mirna and Charla open the Detour clue, and both choose the rafting. Nobody has the feel for climbing this season, I guess. Of course, Mirna blames Charla, saying, "Can you do a 40-foot rock climb?" and making Charla say she can't. As if Mirna could. Guido speeds away, and of course, as they leave, Charla and Mirna are complaining about how Guido left ahead of them. "If it wasn't for us, they wouldn't even have gotten here!" Mirna sniffles, and... they still have their Fern! They kidnapped that dude, and they still have him! Unbelievable. I hope they let him go before Amnesty International gets involved. Or Angelina Jolie! She's going to be really mad.

Danny and Oswald run to the mat, and Oswald can't help noting that "Charla's going to be in love" with the adorable little-person greeter. Yes, yes, it's very bad of him. It's terribly wrong. Don't. Care. "Oswald and Danny," Oswald begins on Phil's behalf, "you're team... " Danny adds, "number... " Phil says, "five," and they celebrate very happily, because they did not have a good day and were not anticipating a good finish in the middle of the pack. I kind of want to put them under glass and keep them from getting idiot sauce on them from being exposed to all these other teams.

David and Mary find the Detour clue and choose rafting, though he's very indifferent. Mary insists there's no way she can do rock-climbing, which I think is... probably true. In the car on the way to the rafting, though, she also complains that she's not into rafting. She's kind of hard to please, really.

As Teri and Ian run to the mat, Ian hollers his first "We're comin', Phil!" of the season, and I do a little cheer. I missed it. They are team number six.

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