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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

Meanwhile back in Paris, the hapless Firecop explains that they're stuck in the airport for the night, because the Lufthansa ticket counter doesn't open until 5:00 AM. So they're going to have to wait and get on a 6:45 AM flight to Munich. Not looking good, guys. They stare unhappily.

Commercials. Sean Hayes is Jerry Lewis! He sort of is, actually. Ew.

Flo and Zach continue to debate the use of the Fast Forward, and they decide to go for it, but they can't do it until morning. She advocates finding a spot near the Eisbach, and then we see them wandering the streets of Munich in search of a cheap place to sleep. "How about twenty-five, is that cheap enough?" she snots as they pass a place. "This is so ghetto," she moans. Oh, seriously, shut up, Flo. Zach wants to check the hostel first, but Flo goes into whiny mode and says, "I'm not going any cheaper than twenty-five!" "Why?" Zach asks her. "Because it's gross!" Oh, simmer down, Flo. Many previous teams have slept outside on the street, so don't get your complimentary bathrobe in a bunch over a hotel that's too cheap for you.

JVJ and BoB arrive in Innsbruck, and John Vito voices over that they've all decided to work together in getting to the next route marker. When they get into town, they find Annasaule, and pull the Detour clue. They all decide that the bobsled is the way to go as opposed to the skating, so when they hook up with a particularly helpful taxi guy, they tell him they all need to get to the bobsled track.

Flo and Zach are still arguing over accommodations. Now they're standing outside the world's cheapest hotel (don't believe me? The big sign says "McBed"). Zach confirms in a voice-over that it bothers him when Flo freaks out and starts yapping at him. Yeah, not a big surprise there. I wasn't thinking that was his favorite part. She finally just insists that they go inside and get a little sleep, although it's clearly very, very late by this time, because when they get their room, Zach mentions that they'll only be there for four hours. But hey, the big sign says they get breakfast! And TV! Including CNN! Man, there's nothing to get you ready for a big day of racing like Wolf Blitzer.

At 1:45 AM, the JVJ/BoB crowd is on its way to the bobsled track to see what's what. When they get there, the twins are first to go take a look at the post by the flag, while Jill and Gerard take care of ordering up three taxis for 8:30 the next morning, just as Ian did. After Derek and Drew grab the big "2," they discuss what to do briefly before quietly filling in Ken that he needs to run over and grab a number, which he does, and then Ken passes the word along to Jill, who's right behind him. So Kenny and Gerard are number 3, and Jill and John Vito are number 4. There's a little building near the bobsled track, and when the three teams walk over to it to lie down and get some rest, they spot Ian and Teri sleeping on the floor. Ha! "Hey, it's the Big Kahunas up here!" Ken shouts happily. Gerard literally points and laughs. They all go into hysterics, though Ian and Teri do not join in. "Our placing went from first to all bunched up together," Ian complains in a voice-over. Well, those are the breaks, Sparky. You're the one who liked it so much when you caught up the same way and didn't have to "smell rear end" anymore. Oh, and regarding your previous lead, and your "just need to run a clean race now," and the bunching? Yeah, I told you so. Harsh mistress, isn't it?

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