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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

Morning comes to Munich. FloZach leaves the McBed at 6:15, and Zach says they're on the way to "Eisenbach" (not quite, but okay) to pick up the Fast Forward. They grab a cab and get going. When they arrive at the river, there is indeed a guy on a surfboard who is surfing and staying in one place and...I don't really get the physics. Which is okay. (Please don't email me to explain. It will just make my head hurt.) Zach runs down from the bridge where they stopped, headed for the surfer guy. "Go, Zach, go!" Flo "encourages" him from the sidelines. As usual. Just as the surfer wipes out, Zach yells out to him to get his attention. Surfer guy comes over to the side, and in a nice gesture of international bonding, he and Zach share a high-five, and then Surfer Guy hands over the clue. The clue tells FloZach to proceed to Füssen, Germany. As they get back into their car, Plunking Music Of Uncertainty accompanies their discussion of the fact that they don't really know what became of the other teams overnight, and they could easily be in last place already, entirely doomed by the wait for the FF.

In Innsbruck, it's quite a beautiful morning for a bobsled ride. The Asshat Evil Anthem For Strings plays as Teri and Ian literally strap on black hats (heh) and lower themselves into the bobsled. Due to my love of humanity, the presence in this bobsled of other people prevents me from rooting for a freak accident. As Asshat gets ready to go, Ken looks on with trepidation. He voices over that he fears both heights and going fast, so this is really not an event that's built to go easy on his psychological tics. "Can you put your feet down?" he asks Gerard quietly. Gerard laughs. "It's not the Flintstone-mobile," he replies. Hee. No kidding, Kenny; I really don't think you want to put your feet down, unless you're looking to shorten your legs. The bobsled takes off down the hill. Ian voices over how it was really fast and really cool and he forgot for a moment how evil and wicked and mean he is. Okay, I added the last part. But he was thinking it. Screw humanity -- crash! Crash! There is no crash. When it's all over, he pronounces it "unbelievable-like." Whatever, jackass.

At the top of the hill, next into the bobsled are Derek and Drew. Yes, yes, down the hill. It's all very fast.

Asshat opens the next clue, and it says to get across town to the Gondola Norkette, which will take them up a mountain to the Seegrube station. Because going up the mountain is what gondolas do, when not located in Venice. They take off. Ian is still wearing yesterday's salmon-pink shirt. EW. They had all night to change their clothes, you know. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

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