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I'm Supposed To Be Indebted To Her For The Rest Of The Race?!

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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

Derek and Drew speed down the hill. Whoosh! When they get down the hill and get the clue, their cab is waiting.

Up at the top, Kenny is getting nervous some more. "Let's go figure-skating," he chuckles nervously. Gerard points a finger at him. "That ain't happening," he says mock-sternly. The bobsled approaches as Gerard, already wearing his helmet, helps Ken with his. Kenny, for no apparent good reason, swats Gerard on the side of the head. Gerard swats back. Ah, sibling love.

At 8:20 in Munich, Andre and Damon arrive at last. It occurs to me at this point that, depending on what happens in the rest of the leg, it's still not outside the realm of possibility that they could catch up, even after their horrible airport experiences, thanks to the hours-of-operation situation. After all, they're only a train ride away from Innsbruck, once they get past the puppet, and...well, somebody could fall and break a leg or something. Damon voices over to that effect, saying that "it's not over until you put your foot on the mat." Well, amen to that.

Back at the bobsled, Ken and Gerard prepare to take off. Ken suggests that maybe they can go slow, but Gerard nixes that. They take a ride. Gerard loves it: "Woooo!" They, too, reach the bottom without dying, and somewhere, a CBS insurance guy takes another swig of booze.

At the top of the hill, Jill and John Vito are anxious to get going, of course, as they always are. As JVJ takes the bobsled ride, Ken and Gerard gather themselves and go to find the cab that should be waiting for them. When JVJ finishes the ride and makes it to the road, however, they find that the Bald Snark is still there, and there are no cabs. Hmm. John Vito asks if they're just going to wait, and Ken says that they had an arrangement for the cabs to come back at 8:30, so he's not sure why they're not there.

Asshat cab. Ian is prodding his driver to go fast, and to "show [him] what these Austrian drivers can do." The driver looks like he might punch Ian. Mightn't we all. The twins, meanwhile, are pondering the fate of the Bald Snark and JVJ. "Maybe they'll get slowed up back there," Derek muses. Wow, this town they're driving through looks just like the one that one of the women in my office sets up on her bookcase at Christmas.

JVJ and the Bald Snark are indeed slowed up, now trying to flag down a passing car so that they can borrow a cell phone and try again to get a cab. "We might be up the mountain without a bobsled," says an increasingly edgy Kenny.

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