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I'm Supposed To Be Indebted To Her For The Rest Of The Race?!

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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

Commercials. Nothing like a commercial involving sex, diarrhea, and a hot tub to keep the family hour kid-friendly.

Still in Innsbruck, still at the top of Bobsled Mountain, Kenny and Gerard and Jill and John Vito are waiting for a sign from the taxi gods. Finally, one cab arrives. The Bald Snark gets in, promising Jill and John Vito that they'll have the driver call for another cab, and as they get in, they do. Of course, when they're on the road, Kenny tells the driver to "take [his] time calling," but they do apparently get the cab there pretty quickly, because the next thing you know, Jill and John Vito are picked up, checking to make sure that their driver knows the way to the gondola.

Asshat is first to the gondola station, followed closely by Derek and Drew. These two teams get on the gondola, and Ian talks about how he wants to get the show on the road before the other two teams show up. The Bald Snark is just pulling up, but not in time to make the same gondola as Derek and Drew and Teri and Ian. Ken and Gerard and John Vito and Jill make the next gondola together.

Munich. The Creepy Piano Of The Unexplained incongruously plays as Andre and Damon walk up to the puppet. Can you imagine, after the day they've had, how much they must not want to see that damn puppet with his twirly hat? Damon reads the clue that tells them to go back to the train station and travel from Munich to Innsbruck. The puppet looks on sympathetically. Shut up, puppet. Damon voices over that they decided the Fast Forward wasn't worth it, given how likely it was that one of the other teams that still had the option had decided to use it. A reasonable conclusion, but also probably a realization that they're screwed.

Innsbruck, at the top of the first gondola ride. Ian yells at Teri to hurry, because he's run out ahead and grabbed the first number for the Roadblock. In this week's Roadblock, the selected team member rides out on a gondola and then bails out on a rescue cable and is lowered a couple hundred feet to the ground. Eh. Not the most exciting Roadblock they've ever done. Immediately upon reading the clue, Ian declares that Teri is doing it. Drew will be taking the Roadblock for the twins. Just behind them are JVJ and the Bald Snark, and the lucky danglers are Jill and Gerard. Because they're all so close together, the four Roadblockers will ride out in a single gondola, and then they'll slide down the cable one at a time, in the order they arrived. When they get to the bottom, they can catch up with their partners and get going.

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