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I'm Supposed To Be Indebted To Her For The Rest Of The Race?!

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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

On the second gondola ride out to the Roadblock, Jill gives herself a pep talk of a sort: "No chance to die, right? No chance to die." Hee. Teri asks the guide who's getting her all strapped up, "It won't hurt?" I sort of wish he had said, "When you're dashed on the rocks? No. It will be quick and painless. You'll be in twenty-seven pieces." Instead, he is reassuring. What fun is that? Drew watches her with a wary grin. In an interview, he comments that he was glad not to be the first person who went, because he honestly didn't think the harness looked very safe. "I was like, 'Good luck, Teri, okay, go first,'" he says, giggling and offering a childlike wave and phony grin. Heh. That was actually kind of funny. From the ground, Ian watches with trepidation, presumably wondering whether he can just holler an order for her to reach the ground safely. She would presumably have no choice in his mind but to obey. Ken yells up, "Come on, Teri!" in a helpful manner, but then just as she lets herself off the side of the gondola, he hollers a not-so-helpful, "Watch out for the last steeeeeeeep...!" Snerk.

Teri manages to be lowered from the gondola to the ground without dying. "Very cool," Ian says. Shut up, Ian. He voices over that he's afraid of heights, so he was fine with just watching Teri do it. Whatever, jackass. As soon as she hits the ground, Ian yells at her to run to where he is. Watching her from the gondola, Gerard can't resist: "Look at Teri run," he observes, and then he goes into his angry Ian voice: "'Teri, haul your ass!'" You know, Gerard's Ian has a touch of Regis Philbin in it.

Asshat opens the next clue, which tells them to get to the meadow below Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen. Phil explains that this castle was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle (at a theme park that is unnamed, because its parent company is not exactly CBS, if you get our drift), and he confirms that the last team to the mat will be eliminated.

FloZach are just getting to Füssen. Flo comments that if they've managed to take the Fast Forward and still finish last, she's going to find that very depressing. Zach says that that would simply mean it "wasn't meant to be." They pull up at the castle and run toward the mat. "Let's go, let's just get this over with," she comments miserably. "Welcome to Füssen!" says the cute greeter of the week, adorable in his green hat and lederhosen. "Thank you," they say anxiously. Phil gives them the happy news that they're team number one. They laugh and share a big hug. Aw. Phil also tells them that they get the Easy-Share cameras. They high-five just like they got real cameras.

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