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I'm Supposed To Be Indebted To Her For The Rest Of The Race?!

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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

Back at The Gondola Of Fate, Drew lowers himself to the ground. "No big deal!" Derek yells helpfully. "Big deal, guys!" Ken yells unhelpfully. Derek chuckles and repeats that it's not a big deal. "Big, big deal, guy!" Ken yells. And then there's a voice that yells, "Look down!" and I think it might be John Vito, the other member of this brigade, because it doesn't sound like Ken. Either way, heh. When he's finished, Teri and Ian talk inside about how to get the gondola back down and then how to get going toward Füssen. Elsewhere, Derek reads the clue in a rather hilarious Mike-Myers-as-Dieter voice, and I really hope he did it on purpose, because if he did? Funny.

Out on the gondola, a beaming Jill lets herself off the edge. She yells up encouragingly to Gerard as she goes. Finally, Gerard heads down. The position of the microphone pack on the back of everyone's pants, which protrudes inside the seat/harness getup they all have to wear for the descent, finally gets a little attention as Kenny looks up at his brother. "All right, Gerard!" he yells happily. Then, "Have you got a load in your pants?" Ha! Yes, it's a cheap joke. Like I care.

Inside the gondola station, Derek and Drew and Teri and Ian wait to leave. Derek voices over that he left his clue on the ticket counter, and he couldn't find it when he went to look. The camera guy sets up the shot so that you can see the lost clue while Derek is still looking for it. Again, nice. Teri sees the clue on the counter and tells Derek that's where it is. Now, I realize she saw this as a great act of kindness, and I realize she didn't have to do it, but come on. The guy is still in the same camera shot with his clue. If he had had to find it, he certainly would have -- it was literally across the room in plain sight, and they hadn't really been anywhere since they last had the clue. I consider this move by Teri to be a very, very tiny act of kindness, and certainly not one that had much of an impact. On the other hand, Derek? Not a smooth move, the part where you walk away from your clue. He thanks her, and she says, "You're welcome." All four teams that have now piled up at the station take off on the gondola back down to the parking lot.

In the gondola, Derek and Drew are looking in their book at where they're going next; apparently, Teri and Ian just expect that they will obviously be able to just mooch off of them. As Ian tries to horn in on their guidebook, Derek comments to Drew that they shouldn't give away information. Teri snots in an interview that apparently Derek didn't think her Nobel-Peace-Prize-nominated act of telling him where the clue was merited his helping her get to the pit stop. Teri? It's a race. It's not a party, it's not a social, and it's not the prom. It's a race. And you want to win, which means everybody else has to lose. You have no obligation as far as I'm concerned to help another team, ever. Ever. You could argue that if you have an agreement with another team and you break it, that's bad in and of itself because you broke the agreement. But when the other team does something that you didn't ask them to do and didn't need them to do, and therefore gives you no opportunity to think through what their offered assistance would be worth to you, and no opportunity to decide what you want to trade for it, and then they come back to you and announce what the price is for their previous unsolicited favor that you didn't need? No. That's ridiculous. She's completely wrong here, as far as I'm concerned, and he's completely right. There was no agreement, it's a competition, and he has no obligation -- ethical, moral, or general -- to show her to the pit stop. Could it bite him in the ass? Sure. Is he doing anything wrong? No. Derek remarks, quite correctly I think, that he would have found the clue anyway, so he's not willing to act like he owes Teri for the rest of the race. Ian glares at the twins in what he hopes is a menacing fashion. Well, you reap what you sow, Team Asshat. You reap what you sow. "I showed him where his clue was," Teri complains loudly in the gondola, in her well-I-never voice. "I'll remember next time." Shut. Up.

Firecop's train pulls into the station at Innsbruck. And then Firecop's train pulls out of the station at Innsbruck. And Firecop is still on it. Sleeping. D'oh! Man, this leg couldn't get any more painfully unfortunate for them unless they fell into an open well. This just hurts to watch. Talk about your Killer Fatigue.

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