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I'm Supposed To Be Indebted To Her For The Rest Of The Race?!

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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

JVJ, Asshat, the twins, and the Bald Snark hop off the gondola and into the waiting cars. Once they're on the road, Gerard says that he and Ken should follow the twins, who have the map. "But they haven't got it right yet," Ken says dubiously. "Kenny, that's not nice," Gerard scolds with a chuckle, knowing that what Kenny says is true. Meanwhile, the twins take a left at a particular fork in the road, and Kenny is inclined to follow, but Gerard The King Of Maps has him continue straight. Teri and Ian keep going straight as well. When John Vito sees this happen, he asks Jill who they should follow -- the Bald Snark or the twins. Based on past experience, this is a no-brainer -- she and JV follow Ken and Gerard. The twins, meanwhile, are interested in the fact that everyone has ditched them by going the other direction and choosing to follow Ken and Gerard "because they think [Derek and Drew are] incompetent." In an interview, Drew says that they think the alliance thing has pretty much ended, because there aren't enough teams left to do anything but save your own ass, so it's mano a mano from here on out. I totally agree. Alliances have a lifespan, and when there are five teams left, it's pretty much run out. I do think they're wrong that Ken and Gerard were trying to ditch them -- I think Gerard just thought they went the wrong way.

Ken and Gerard lead their merry band down a private driveway. Oops. Turning all three SUVs around turns into something of a production. "We should've definitely gone the other way," John Vito says quietly. "I know," Jill answers.

Despite having been right about the route off the mountain, Derek and Drew are now fighting over the rest of the trip. Drew is in the back seat with a map, and Derek is in the front seat. With a whip, pretty much. Yelling. A lot. He's asking whether Drew has a plan to get to where they're going. Clearly, Drew does not so much have a plan.

As Ken and Gerard speed down the road, they hit a bump of some kind. "Caramba, what was that?" Gerard asks. Kenny keeps driving. "What's that noise?" he asks suspiciously. If there's not a hard-working Foley guy sneaking in some freelance work, you can actually hear the little rhythmic hissing of their popped tire. Hee.

More twin fighting. "It's on the map! It shows Füssen on the fuckin' map!" Derek yells. Drew is confused. "What, the piece of paper?" "No, the -- in the book!" Derek hollers in exasperation. Yep -- that, too, would be Killer Fatigue.

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