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I'm Supposed To Be Indebted To Her For The Rest Of The Race?!

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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

5:19 AM. FloZach. A surprisingly mellow-looking Flo reads a part of the clue that we didn't see with Asshat -- "You have a dollar for this leg of the race." For whatever reason, this makes Flo laugh heartily instead of whining, and this is the first time I can see her the way people who like her probably do. I have to squint, though. (She also pronounces the name of the statue "Friggen-snengle," which is just funny.) As they leave, Zach voices over that there are "ups and downs, emotionally" in his situation with Flo. It becomes pretty clear that this morning is a "down," because neither of them can find their way out to the street. As they wander aimlessly down the long corridors of the Riad Catalina, Flo notes the presence of "a lot of stray animals." Hey, at least it's not a temple of rats. She blames Zach, saying that she asked him to find out before how they were supposed to get out, and he had said he knew how. And of course, it was his job and not her job to find out...for some reason that I'm sure would make perfect sense if she explained it. Zach is wearing his forehead light again, which makes me laugh only because it's one of those things that's such a good idea by any rational standard, and yet so hard to resist mocking.

Flo voices over that "sometimes [she's] tough on Zach," because he can be so mellow that he becomes downright unmotivated. She may be right, but it's also true that in a number of situations (the diesel incident comes to mind), he's had to remain calm and figure out what to do because she has a tendency to go right out of her bongos and collapse into a fetal position in the presence of stress. She complains about the "rabid cats" in the corridors. A cat runs by. "Go away, crazy mean lady!" it mews.

5:20 AM. Ken and Gerard. They voice over that they're going to get ahead by doing what they've been doing -- running a good race, not getting too excited, and flying "under the radar." I'm not sure I think that finishing near the top of most legs qualifies as flying "under the radar," and I'm not sure that flying "under the radar" means much on a show like this where it's not really possible to effectively target a particular team and force them out, as the HugeTinies tragically learned. Nevertheless, I forgive Gerard for this rather incomprehensible comment, because he is the little bald map-man, and he makes me giggle.

5:27 AM. Derek and Drew. They explain that the first leg was really stressful for them (with the almost losing their backpacks and the blowing half the navigation and everything), and they've had a lot more fun since they got into the middle section of the race and got hooked up with the BoB alliance. Did Derek always have that arm, or is that new? Just asking.

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