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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

Outside, FloZach grabs a cab in the direction of the airport, and is followed closely by BoB. In the Twincab, Derek says that they're wondering what you can possibly do on a leg for which you were given only a dollar. ("A Detour is a choice between two vending machines, each with its own pros and cons.") They comment that they're pretty solid with money, so they're not terribly concerned, just curious.

5:32 AM. Jill and John Vito. Her hair is down, very curly and Clairol Herbal Essence today. I have to admit that doesn't seem especially practical to me, but then, I'm sure that even if she had a beehive and a poodle skirt, she could crush me like a roach, so let's just pretend I didn't say anything. Jill explains in a voice-over that she and John Vito are both "strong-minded," but she thinks that it leads them to make better decisions and to ultimately work together really well. That may explain the lack of screen time -- not enough petty arguing. I think we've pretty well established by now that relationship functionality is really bad for your entertainment career. They get a cab outside as well.

Asshat at the airport. They've apparently chosen to go to Zurich on a flight that leaves at 6:05 AM. At 5:43, FloZach pulls up in their cab and makes a mad dash inside, with the Band of Brothers close behind. As Asshat boards the 6:05 flight, Ian voices over that he and Teri aren't aligned with anyone, though he fails to point out that this is because no one likes him. He claims that his philosophy is "be focused, stay the course." And "be all up the recapper's nose," of course, although he leaves that part out. He, Teri, and the hat walk in the direction of their plane. Meanwhile, the twins bring some information to the Bald Snark and FloZach that the only flights that look at all promising on the Arr/Dep board are the ones to Paris and Zurich. Speaking of Zurich, however, it appears to be too late for that flight, because here goes Asshat Airlines, on its way. The Amazing Yellow Line on The Amazing World Map springs to life and valiantly traces the route, though it is not any happier about accompanying Teri and Ian than the rest of us would be.

Inside, the airport is not a hospitable place today. BoB is informed by a ticket agent that the only remaining way to Munich from Marrakech is to go through Paris, but the Paris flight is already overbooked, so the odds of getting four people on it (let alone eight or twelve) are essentially zero. Without Kevin to make absurd googly eyes at some sweet-faced girl at the ticket counter and finagle seats out of thin air, BoB is stuck with the less desirable option of changing airports entirely. The ticket guy recommends Casablanca, and it turns out they can get a little hop-flight there that's taking off soon. BoB as well as JVJ and FloZach choose this option, so the four teams all climb on what looks like quite a little plane for the hop to Casablanca, where they hope to find a reversal of their airport fortunes. They take off for Casablanca at 6:45 AM, accompanied by a lethargic Amazing Yellow Line, which has slowed to a crawl for this very short distance.

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