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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

7:04 AM. Firecop. They open the clue and proudly display the one dollar they're given for the leg. As they go, Andre comments that finds the dollar a little piddly, and says he would at least have liked to get four quarters. Heh. He goes on to say that they've already overcome a lot of "adversity" to get to where they are. It's certainly true that they've gotten some bad breaks, particularly lately. They discuss the fact that when the "chips are down," they keep going. They get a cab for the Marrakech airport and head out, dearly hoping to run into a clump of other teams bunched up at the airport, which really isn't an entirely unreasonable expectation, given the time of day.

When Firecop gets to the Marrakech airport, they head inside. They get the same news that the other teams got -- everything leaving the Marrakech airport today is sold out up the ying-yow. Andre quickly starts pressing to leave the airport and take a train to Casablanca (presumably, there was no flight available) that would get them there in about three hours, at which point they could try flights again. Damon wants to do a little more checking before they go, which irritates Andre to no end, because he feels like the verdict has already come in loud and clear. "He just doesn't want to listen," Andre mutters.

Meanwhile at the Casablanca airport, the teams who hopped there from Marrakech scamper from their little plane. The first desk Jill visits offers her a nice slam in the face. "It's not possible, all flights to Europe are overbooked," says the woman behind the desk. Big meanie. She's lucky Jill doesn't pick her up and toss her across the room, yelling, "Overbook this!"

In Marrakech, Firecop bails on the airport and heads for Casablanca. They initially plan to take a train, but when they get their taxi for the station, he offers to take them all the way to Casablanca for a hundred bucks or so, so they go with that option. They've presumably managed to hang on to some money, and this is probably a situation where it's not a bad idea to spend some of it, because the taxi could presumably be quite a bit faster than the train, and they're clearly in trouble at this point. In the cab, Andre is still unhappy about the delay back at the airport while Damon persisted in checking flights, but Damon is convinced he was right. That is the most boring argument ever.

The Casablanca airport, meanwhile, is not initially turning out to be a whole lot more promising than Marrakech. As they would say on Sesame Street, this episode is brought to you by the word "full," and by the letters S.O.L. The teams break off into their two predictable subgroups -- BoB works together, as do the crumbling remains of the HugeTinies in the form of FloZach and JVJ. Derek and Flo have a little bickerfest at a ticket counter where he, all smiles on the outside but at least partly serious on the inside, accuses her of being a dirty rat of a player and explains that she and Zach aren't trustworthy the way Gerard and Kenny are. Note that here, Flo claims that she "doesn't like to be nasty." Flo and Derek are ultimately united, though, by their shared hope that Firecop won't show up in time to bunch with them, because everyone loves a leg where there's one team that's practically out of the picture. Man, through that entire scene, I am completely distracted by Derek's noisy and overzealous gum-chewing. I have a feeling it's because he's squelching the tension of the conversation so he can pretend to be friendly.

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