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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

While the airport is still being worked, here comes Firecop. It's not clear how long the other teams have been at the Casablanca airport by the time Firecop gets there, but it's presumably a while, since Andre commented that it was 7:45 AM when they were in the Marrakech airport, and that's the same time that the rest of them landed in Casablanca. Damon is deliriously happy to see the other teams in the airport when they arrive, but I think he doesn't realize yet that it's going to be a very difficult experience trying to book flights. Difficult or not, Zach laments the arrival of Firecop, complaining that the "whole lead is destroyed." Flo complains in a quick interview that Firecop is believed by the other teams to "piggyback on other people," so she's ready for them to go. (As Flo explains this, there is a hilarious shot of Andre leaning over Zach's back to listen while he and Flo are working on getting tickets. Nice touch.) Flo then decides to put her powers of Italian to use for evil, rather than good. She goes to the Lufthansa guy and tells him that she and Jill are working together, and that he should put both of their teams on the flight, but that there are these guys (i.e. Firecop) following them, and the ticket guy shouldn't let those guys on the flight. Yes, this is stupid, and I don't approve of it, and she shouldn't have done it. I think it didn't offend me all that much because it struck me as a pretty pitiful attempt -- I never believed this would do anything to keep Firecop off the flight, so I guess it made me roll my eyes more than anything else. She is chuckling the whole time, so I don't even think she thinks it's going to work, really. Furthermore, I do think it was born out of her extreme frustration that Firecop was mooching off of everyone else's work to get from one place to another, and while it didn't justify what she did, it did make me think that she had motives other than meanness, and I don't think it mattered much in the end. For better or for worse, she remarks that she and Zach are first on the waiting list for a three o'clock Lufthansa flight. "I wonder what she was able to negotiate," Damon wonders. "I don't know," Andre replies.

BoB hits the airline jackpot, landing standby on an Air France flight to Paris. Meanwhile, Firecop gets the Lufthansa guy to agree to put them on standby for the FloZach flight, so as I said, I don't think Flo really got far with him. Jill and John Bon Vito eventually hustle themselves on the same flight that the BoB just nailed down. Alliances only go so far, though, and FloZach is stuck on the three o'clock, substantially later than the BoB and JVJ flight leaves at 11:45. The Amazing Yellow Line illustrates the path from Casablanca to Paris.

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