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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

FloZach sits on the floor of the airport and laments the wait from 11:45 to 3:00. Flo worries that Firecop will find some other flight they haven't found, but in fact, elsewhere, Firecop sits dejectedly on a bench and says they're having no luck at all. Damon predicts that they may not even get out of Casablanca until the evening or the next morning. "I want to leave this place so damn bad," Andre comments.

Commercials. Don't bother looking for gifts for the people you love. Take them to Sears, and they can pick out their own crap. The hell with it.

Still at the Casablanca airport, Firecop's air-travel nightmare continues. They try Alitalia, and they get a big no. They try everything, and they presumably get several more negative results in several different languages. "I'm never traveling again," Andre says, taking pretty much the opposite of the lesson one would wish this show would teach you. Sort of too bad, that. FloZach, on the other hand, makes the standby thing work for them, and they get on the 3 PM Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, after which they can go on to Munich.

At long last, Firecop mercifully gets a flight to Paris that leaves at 3:15 PM, just after FloZach.

Brass-heavy Regal Music Of European Grandeur welcomes us to Munich, Germany. Don't put your stuff down, because you're not going to be here long. At 5:30 PM, Teri and Ian's plane touches down. As they hop a train into town, Ian yaps his flap (not the one on his hat -- the other one) about how he's fifty, and he knows a lot more than all these young folk. Because you know, the younger generation thinks women should vote and own property and wear pants, and that just doesn't leave much space for a guy who likes to order his wife around like a pet. He says that the other teams think he and Teri are a threat. Dude, there are six teams left, and none of them are near-flawless racers like we've sometimes had in the past, which means that everybody is a threat. Asshat finds its way to the angel statue, and then to the puppet theater. "Hi there, dude, I think you've got something for me!" Ian says. Yeah, he said "dude." To the puppet. Whatever. Man, Ian and the puppet totally deserve each other. Kasperle The Despised excitedly hands over the clue, but not until he's swung that hat around for a while. And then the puppet wishes Asshat good luck. Shut up, puppet.

Once Kasperle The Despised finally shuts up, Teri reads the clue, and it says that they have to go to Innsbruck, Austria. Amusingly, Teri reads this with great weariness, like she's thinking, "We just got here, and now we have to go somewhere else? What is with this trip? This trip is not relaxing at all! I am never using this travel agency again!" I think someone is a little unclear on the concept. Phil says that it's about a sixty-mile train trip to Innsbruck, where they'll find the Annasaule monument near the Olympic Village and pick up the next clue.

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