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I'm Supposed To Be Indebted To Her For The Rest Of The Race?!

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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

At eight that night, in the heavy dusk, the plane carrying BoB and JVJ arrives in Munich. There is some confusion getting out of the airport and finding ground transportation, and the teams get separated. The twins get out ahead of the Bald Snark, and as they make their way through the airport, they wonder aloud whether they're expected to wait. Fortunately, they aren't forced into such a difficult decision at this point, because Ken and Gerard indeed come up behind them quickly. JVJ gets on the first train to town, and BoB makes the next one.

In Paris, Firecop continues its efforts to get to Munich. There's a flight they hope to catch, but it looks like they got on the Paris flight on such short notice that they didn't have time to buy the tickets for the connection. Therefore, they have to go buy them now, and they have only a short time to get across the Paris airport complex to do it. As it happens, on the shuttle to the Lufthansa terminal, they run into a woman who works for the airline. She tells them that they have a better shot at getting on the plane at the last minute because they don't have luggage, and she tells them she'll see what she can do. They get inside the airport, and the friendly lady goes behind the counter and gets to work.

Munich. Night. John Vito and Jill hop out of their taxi by the statue, and Jill leans over the railing above the park where the hideous puppet is. Like many other people, I momentarily thought that she might be planning to just hurl herself over the railing, because it was faster than taking the stairs. They do decide to travel a bit more conservatively by walking, though, and she and John Vito are first to the puppet theater. The puppet is mercifully not shown, but they retrieve their clue. "Let's just head to Awwstria," Jill says. Just then, the BoB cabs pull up and both teams hop out, head for the puppet, and grab their clues. In the JVJ cab, Jill comments that Asshat is out in the lead somewhere, but she's not sure where, and that BoB is ten minutes behind her. Jill and John Vito spontaneously beam at each other in the cab. Aw. They really are an awfully nice bright spot among a lot of people who are looking and acting a little raggedy this week. John Vito remarks that he's glad Jill has been making such good decisions on behalf of the team, because he's happy with their position in the race at this point. They get to the train station and go inside to inquire about the train to Innsbruck.

Speaking of which, here's Asshat now, hopping off the train.

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