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Gary finishes rolling his hoop, while Mallory clanks along behind him. She finishes while Katie and Rachel are still working on learning the proper way to do it. Gary and Mallory's subtitle reads "Currently in 2nd place" as Mallory reads that they need to make their way on foot to the next Pit Stop. I still don't understand how they jumped ahead so many places, but off they go.

Nat and Kat are pushing their wheelbarrows, saying they're not giving up, which is the kind of thing people say when they know they're in last place. They get their clue from the foreman, which Kat reads while Nat dumps her water bottle over her face. Did you know that when they're at school, anesthesiology trainees practice putting each other under so they know what it's like? I think Nat's missing a valuable chance to know what it's like to experience passing out from heat exhaustion

Back at the puzzle, Brook thinks they've found the right sequence, but since they have it going from right to left, it's wrong. "I hate puzzles," she says. Michael and Kevin have arrived now, while Chad complains, "This is the dumbest freaking crap ever." Even dumber than the dumbest freaking crap ever from two legs ago? "We have no clue." Stephanie suggests switching, and Chad agrees.

Nick and Vicki are in an outdoor classroom where they have to label Ghana on a map that has just about every country already labeled save Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, and of course Ghana, and Vicki still gets it wrong. "No, please," one kid yells out helpfully. Thus begins another montage of Nick and Vicki failing while interviewing about how stupid they are until Vicki finally gets it, more from process of elimination than anything else. Nick decides they'll be doing bicycle parts, I assume because their cognitive resources have already been tested to the limit today.

Nat and Kat kit an indoor classroom and Nat gets it on the first try (are things finally going well for them?). They decide on Language Arts for the Detour (no, they're not).

Gary and Mallory reach the Pit Stop in second place. Now that's a comeback. Of course, they're so hot and exhausted by now that Mallory only screams twice.

Katie and Rachel are still trying to get their hoops to roll when Nick and Vicki arrive at the soccer field. Nick rudely tells her to get started, and when she wants to pause to read the clue, he dicks, "I don't care what that says." Awesome. That worked out so well earlier. As Chad and Stephanie arrive, Chad marvels at the kids rolling the hoop, and rhapsodizes about the purity and innocence of children worldwide, with all the enthusiasm of someone who's never met a child in his life. He turns out to be a hoop-rolling savant, however, and makes it across it the first try. He calls back to Stephanie to get a bigger stick. Vicki offers the same advice to Nick, who helpfully says, "You can't even do it, why you gonna give me direction? Just do it." Chad's finished. Nick gets frustrated, and throws the hoop away like the goodwill ambassador he is. And then he snaps at Vicki some more.

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