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Vicki gets ready to take another run at it, with actual encouragement from Nick. He even runs along with her as she completes her first pass. Nick cheers her along, and Brook crosses that end of the field shortly thereafter, asking, "Did I make it?" because she's afraid to look up from the hoop she's barely balancing. Nick laughs that she did. Jill and Thomas are already discussing strategy for this as they run over toward the field. Claire finishes her first pass while Brook is somehow able to just walk her hoop along. Vicki finishes next, and Nick interviews, "I felt kinda crappy for treating her the way I did. She didn't deserve it. She's a good teammate." Better he realized that late than never; the only thing worse than watching them argue during the leg would be watching them argue in the interviews taped after the leg. They're on their way to the Pit Stop in only fifth place. Brook finishes next, followed by Claire. Thomas, who has begun rolling his hoop, seems to have a knack for this. Or an unusually wide wheel rim. He calls encouragement back to Jill.

Nick and Vicki make it to the mat, with the shopping hosts right behind them. I'm pretty sure they're not last, so even if Nick weren't over it already, he'd have to get over it now. Brook throws both her and Claire's bags down on the mat next to them. The four of them stand in a line while Phil checks them in as the fifth and sixth respectively. One team is a lot happier about this than the other. Phil informs them that tomorrow they'll be coming back to the school with the other teams and do some remodeling work to "give back to this community." Claire says they're honored. And Brook will be thrilled to see some decent paint on the walls, I'm sure.

Thomas finishes rolling his hoop. Kevin's made it across once, and Jill finishes up, although judging by her exhausted reaction, it's taken her longer than the editing would seem to indicate. She throws her stick in disgust, and is even more disgusted when Thomas gives her a celebratory hug. That is clearly not hugging weather as it is, but they're both so sweaty from their exertions that Jill all but cringes from him. They're heading to the Pit Stop in seventh place.

Kevin's done rolling his hoop, so now it's just Michael and Kat who have yet to finish (somehow I missed when Nat got done). Michael drops to a crouch in the middle of the field, using his stick to hold his wheel up instead of forward momentum, which I guess there isn't a rule against. "I can't, Kevin," he pants, but Kevin tells him not to give up. Kat finishes, so Team @ is currently in eighth place. Now they just have to find the marked footpath. But there's still one commercial break left to go, so we know it's not going to be that simple.

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