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Chad's hands are satisfactorily taped, as are Katie's.

Jill and Thomas are waiting for their driver to get directions, and they're pretty nice about it when he comes back, thanking him for asking now instead of later when they're in the middle of Mali or something. Elsewhere on the road, Jonathan and Connor spot Michael and Kevin's cab up ahead and ask their driver to pass, harmonizing, "Please drive faster." The driver does, so he can drop them off that much more quickly. "We love Samson," they sing after he blows by Team YouTube. Samson returns the sentiment, I think to make them stop singing.

Nat and Kat are leaving at 8:02, and if being in seventh place weren't bad enough, imagine leaving the Pit Stop when another team has already completed the Road Block. Not that they know that. But it's only going to get worse for them, and they'll certainly know that. Nat interviews that they knew they'd have times at the back of the pack, but their strategy is to "never ever give up." They know from their job, "when things get bad, that's when you have to work harder." And as anesthesiologists, I assume they're talking about when a patient just won't stay asleep and it's time to break out the mallet. As they ride in their cab, they talk about hoping they don't get lost, and how a good or bad cab driver can make or break your race. You know what's a good way to protect yourself against that? Talk about it out loud a lot.

Nick and Vicki are leaving at 8:04 AM, and they interview that their strategy is all about communication. "Without communication, you got no race." Nick says. Then, as if in a demonstration, they ask their cab driver how far away their destination is, and he answers, "Okay." They both look like they're thinking, did we specifically say communication with just each other? Because...

Gary and Mallory, the last-place team, are leaving at 8:06. That's only 32 minutes behind the leaders, so this is really anyone's leg. Mallory is optimistic that they've burned up all their bad luck, with the flat tire in the first leg and the broken cab in the second, "So we're ready to have a good leg." Their taxi has a big Ghanaian flag waving over the dashboard that reads "good luck," and I think it would be difficult for anyone to take that as an ill omen, let alone for Mallory.

Chad shows off on the jump rope task, so he trips and has to start over. Which means Katie passes him. "But she didn't look as good as I did," Chad points out in an interview. Stephanie laughs at him, which so far is one of my favorite things about Stephanie. Katie finishes, putting her and Rachel in second place, with Chad and Stephanie close behind as they run for fresh cabs. Team Glee and Team YouTube, who are just now arriving, stop their drivers when they see the volleyball team running down the street. Connor sticks his head out and asks what's going on. "Nothing!" one says. "Over there!" the other says. Now that's a partnership. The singers find the clue box right before Michael and Kevin do. Connor will do this, and obviously Kevin, since he figures his dad probably isn't up for something that physical in the 98 degree weather. That would be awful. The second- and third-place teams are in their cabs now. Connor's hands are correctly taped, but Kevin has to start over. Michael probably would have done way better.

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