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Jill and Thomas arrive in sixth place, and he's doing this one. He and Kevin are taping their hands at the same time, while Connor's doing the speed bag and, surprisingly, pitching it a no-hitter from what I can see. Gary and Mallory arrive at the Road Block in seventh place, with Nick and Vicki right behind them. Gary and Vicki will be doing it for their teams. At this point I realize that I've been misspelling Vicki's name since the first recap. I have no excuse. All I can say is that from what we know of Vicki, there may have been times when Vicki has misspelled her name as well. Connor finishes the speed bag, and (as Kevin completes his hand-taping, also shows off a little on the jump rope. Just like Chad, and with similar results. Kevin, doing the speed bag, asks his trainer if he knows who "Muhammad" is. Not Muhammad Ali, just "Muhammad." Not surprisingly, the trainer does. Connor finishes the jump rope, so he and Jonathan are out of there in fourth place.

Nat and Kat, however, are lost and in last. Rachel and Katie spot them on the way to the next clue and realize Team @ missed it as they fall in behind on the way to the next clue, with Chad and Stephanie behind them. Nat tells their driver to stop (she actually says stop eight times) to ask for directions, which frustrates the teams behind them because they can't get around. "You dumb doctor," Katie mutters in her cab, which isn't the most scathing putdown I've ever heard. But Team @'s driver isn't listening, not only snapping at them to sit down so he can drive, but refusing to turn around no matter how may times they ask him to. His tip is shrinking like a star collapsing into a singularity.

Kevin finishes up at the boxing school, so he and Michael are in fifth now. Gary has his hands taped so well the trainer says, "Great, man, great." Thomas doesn't seem to be happy with his own work, but it's good enough for the trainer, who figures that it's not like those taped hands are actually going to be doing anything dangerous anyway. Vicki's right behind him.

Team @'s driver has finally deigned to stop for directions, so at least now they're going in the right direction. And are technically no longer being kidnapped.

Gary finishes his rope jumping but is apparently enjoying himself so much he doesn't want to stop. So they're in sixth place, up from ninth, as they head out. Vicki finishes before Thomas does, so now they're in seventh, with Jill and Thomas heading out right behind them in eighth. Nat and Kat finally get there as the other two teams get into cabs, and Nat will be doing this one. It's a good thing they have a strategy for when they're at the back, because otherwise they'd have no idea what to do this whole leg.

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