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Brook and Claire wheel their one wheelbarrow up to the foreman, Brook saying, "Man, that was brutal." But maybe the second time will be easier, as the foreman just tells them, "No." Claire, seeing the two wheelbarrows already there, says they need another one. And if that weren't bad enough, they have to take the laden one back to get the other one. "This is really gonna suck," Brook says, always her own narrator.

Kevin and Michael arrive at the supply depot in third place, with Katie and Rachel showing up in fourth. Katie tries to argue that they don't need two wheelbarrows, but Rachel insists that the clue specifies a pair. "They have one," Katie says, indicating the departing Team YouTube. "Well, they're idiots," Rachel says. Wow, harsh much? Brook and Claire keep their mouths shut when they meet Michael and Kevin coming up the road with their one wheelbarrow. "Forgot something?" Kevin asks then, and Claire says, "Yeah," without specifying. Katie and Rachel take off with their two wheelbarrows, seeing en route that the shopping hosts did it wrong and took only one.

Nat and Kat's driver opens their hood to see what's going on with his engine, because all they need right now is cab trouble to go along with the cabbie trouble they've already had. But he says they can go. That must be reassuring.

Gary and Mallory are approaching the supply depot with three teams behind them, and the volleyball team (the "Jersey girls," Gary calls them) walking on the road in front of them. Chad tells their driver to run over Katie and Rachel, but he's only joking because that would cost them a 30-minute penalty. Behind them, Nick encourages Vicki that she's stronger than the other teams, and Jill and Thomas figure that wheelbarrows are in their immediate future as well. Michael and Kevin present their one wheelbarrow to the foreman and learn they need two. "The girls didn't tell us," Kevin gripes matter-of-factly as they head back. If that's as worked up as Kevin ever gets, I don't know how he got on a reality show in the first place.

Gary and Mallory get to the clue box in fifth place, with Jill/Thomas, Nick/Vicki, and Chad/Stephanie in sixth, seventh, and eighth respectively. Everyone starts loading up. Back at the school, the volleyball team has showed up without two trowels. As they head back, Katie yells ahead at Rachel, "You have to be mentally tough right now!" Which I think is a semi-polite way of saying, "Quit'cher bitchin!" Rachel interviews that as teammates, they "know how to talk to each other in a stressful situation," which means they're allowed to yell at each other. I guess yelling in a relationship isn't necessarily a problem if everyone agrees it's okay.

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