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A farewell to arms

Morning. Phil explains that the teams are all tied again, waiting outside the art association building, and when it opens, they'll have to buy a bowl of rice and take it across the street to a waiting monk. At, you'll recall, the Temple of the Tooth. We now watch as the gate is opened, the teams go inside and purchase their bowls, and they all go in a clump across to the monk. As each team offers its bowl of rice to the monk, he chants and ties strings around their wrists. The sort of thing that Millie would have assumed was voodoo. Lori and Bolo are the first to get their next clue, which tells them to take a bus to Dambulla, where Phil explains they will then take a tuk-tuk to Lion Rock, a "dominating granite peak." One at a time, teams get their monk clue and get tuk-tuks to the bus station. As Kris and Jon offer their bowl (now in last place), Jon voices over that they're both religious, and they "respect and cherish the blessing from the monk." Wait, even though it's not their religion, they still think it's legitimately spiritual? That's crazy talk. Everyone knows people in other countries practice scary non-religions. Hmph. Anyway, they patiently enjoy the blessing and then get their clue. They manage to get out and get a tuk-tuk before Hayden and Aaron, so Miss Hayden is doing her stomp-and-pout routine again, complaining about how Kris and Jon are constantly getting the better of them. "Hayden, I'm sick of your bitching. Quiet," he says. Man, me too. I knew he and I were simpatico. They get out eventually, however.

So guess what? Everybody's on the same bus to Dambulla. When they get there, they all find their way into tuk-tuks, and Kris and Jon are out in front again. Tuk-tuk race! Hornio notes with unhappiness that they're being passed, and then their guy pulls in to gas up the vehicle, and they try berating him, but apparently, he doesn't think the thing can run on fumes indefinitely. Too bad.

Commercials. I like soup, but even I don't really want to be approached with a stop sign when I'm busy.

When we return, Rebecca is yelling at their tuk-tuk driver about how it's a race and they have to go fast. Yeah, fast! He finishes gassing up and hops back in the cab.

First to Lion Rock are Kris and Jon, and they grab some tickets, apparently required for admittance to some of the areas of the rock. They run up and tear open the clue, which is a Roadblock. "Who's got strong legs and keen eyes?" it asks. Phil explains that in this Roadblock, one person has to climb more than a thousand steps to the top of the rock. Now, just to give you an idea of how far that is, Phil said in his diary that he bet another guy that he could get up there faster, and the time he was trying to beat was eleven minutes. So this is no quick run up a set of stairs -- this is a hike. Phil explains that then, the Roadblocker will use binoculars to look around the rock at the jungle until he spots the distinctive flag, which happens to be on the ground next to a swimming pool nearby. Run down, grab your partner, head for the flag, and swim the length of the pool to land at the pit stop. Last team in "may be eliminated."

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