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A farewell to arms

"Baby, you've gotta do it," Kris says. He notes that he needs his ticket, so she gives it to him. He gets a smooch, and then he starts up the rock.

Other teams, meanwhile, seem to be a little lost, but they find their way to the Rock eventually, and they get tickets. Pay close attention to the word "ticket" showing up about a thousand times. Because when Jon gets near the top, he is asked for his ticket, shows it, and heads up. Lori takes the Roadblock for her team, and Bolo gives her a lot of "go, baby, go baby" as she runs off. Aaron, Freddy, and El Hornio take the Roadblock for their respective teams. Aaron and El Hornio both note -- in Aaron's case, rather at the last minute -- that they're supposed to take their admission tickets to the top with them.

Jon voices over as he gets to the very top that when he gets to a Roadblock, he just applies himself to it as fully as he can. He picks up a set of binoculars and looks around. Lori, meanwhile, is on the run, as is everyone else. But somehow, Freddy has figured out that he's supposed to have a ticket with him, so he's returning to the bottom, where he fetches the ticket from Kendra. As Kendra explains to the other waiting partners what that was all about, Bolo realizes that he has Lori's ticket. Uh-oh. "Is that Lori's?" Kendra asks. "Lori's and yours?" As Bolo begins to clench up, Kris says to him, "It always comes down to details." And you can read that as bitchy or smug, but I didn't. I think she knows and likes Lori and Bolo (I didn't mention it, but she was hugging Lori in last week's episode at the Rome airport), and I think she was doing more of a "Hey, everybody's done the same thing at one point or another." Which isn't to say it wasn't potentially ill-advised, because it probably was. It's also great how Bolo waits a perfect beat before nearly growling, "Mm-hmm."

Up at the top, El Hornio gets to the ticket guy to find that Lori is already there, and she's trying to negotiate. Because she doesn't have her ticket, so she's just begging for help. She claims that she dropped it, claims that she'll bring it back up after she goes, claims that she's desperate. El Hornio passes her. Aaron passes her. Nothing doing.

Jon, however, is right on, and he spots the flag on the ground. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Kris look on as Lori reaches the bottom and starts screaming at Bolo. "Bring me the freakin' ticket!" she hollers. That is some yell that woman has on her, I'll say that. "Come on, Lori, run!" Bolo says unwisely. She's decided that it's his fault that she didn't take the ticket, though, so she's hollering at him the whole time. "I'm sorry," he says. "We didn't read it." "I sit there and freakin' told ya to read the additional information, didn't I?" she barks as she takes the ticket from him. Kris and Rebecca, looking like they're reacting to something a little nastier than that, cover their mouths and look away. "We're in freakin' last now!" Lori bellows as she starts back up the steps. Bolo closes his eyes in frustration.

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