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A farewell to arms

Freddy continues up the rock. Aaron, at the top, seems to spot the flag without even using the binoculars, and just wonders how to get there. El Hornio searches all around, but doesn't immediately see it.

At the bottom, Kris goes over to a miserable-looking Bolo and puts her hands on his shoulders. "Positive thoughts," she says. "She's going to be fine." Jon then appears, and he and Kris are the first to run off. "You rock. You rock, you rock," she says. They hop in a tuk-tuk, and Jon directs the driver.

Freddy is ready for the binoculars now. He and El Hornio both look, and they both see it. They head down.

Kris and Jon are at the pit stop. They run toward the pool. They hop in. They swim across. They land on the mat. Welcome, Kris and Jon, you are team number one, and you sure are good-looking. Phil grants them a vacation to "romantic Europe." They look happy, to no one's surprise. They love romantic Europe! They also would have loved Cleveland! Wheeling is pretty, too!

Lori sees the clue, and she gets to go back down at last.

Speaking of down, Aaron returns to Hayden. They leave in second place. My favorite part is where Aaron draws a map for the driver that basically has a rectangle with an arrow on it, which I can't imagine means anything, but there you go. Next up, El Hornio and Freddy return to their women at the same moment, so those teams take off together. Well, mostly. Because Freddy passes El Hornio right near the bottom, which has little meaning but to give Freddy the opportunity to scoff to Kendra as they leave, "That [El Hornio's] such a nancy boy." I'm sorry, "nancy boy"? I don't think I appreciate that. And I will agree here with the lovely LTG, who said, "It's not like he's so butch, with his glasses."

Anyway, Hornio takes off, just behind Nuance, while Bolo waits. In one of the wittiest edits now or ever -- an element sadly missing this season, for the most part -- we watch Bolo scratch himself absently as he waits for Lori, and then we cut directly to...a monkey, also scratching himself absently. God, that was so awesome I almost felt transported to happier seasons. Lori finally returns, and although Bolo is telling her to keep her chin up in case it's a non-elimination, he acknowledges, "I know we're mad." And by "we," he means "you." And by "mad," he means "insanely vengeful." They get a tuk-tuk and head out.

Hayden and Aaron find the spot, but so does Nuance. Both teams head toward the pool. They start to run past the pool to Phil, but he calls out a warning that they have to swim the pool first. Hornio actually goes so far as to run right onto the mat, but Phil brushes them off, so they run to the other end of the pool as well. Here's the order: Hayden appears out of nowhere and jumps into the pool. Freddy jumps in. Aaron jumps in. Kendra jumps in. El Hornio and Rebecca jump in. Freddy is the first to get to the end of the pool, but he has to wait for Kendra, and Hayden and Aaron are right behind him, so they're the first of these three bunched-up teams to actually get onto the mat. Freddy absolutely drags Kendra up and out of the pool as Hayden and Aaron are told that they're team number two. Next in are Freddy and Kendra, team number three. And then finally Adam and Rebecca, as team number four. Man. That was like a water-bound four-car pileup. Only instead of cars, with bikes. Or actually, trikes.

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