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A farewell to arms

Some time later, here comes the tuk-tuk carrying Lori and Bolo. They do a very impressive leap into the pool, and crawl out of the other side, where they drag themselves dripping wet to the mat. You're the last team to arrive.'re out. "You don't look happy with each other," Phil says. "No, because he hands me the freakin' information and sends me runnin' up the hill without readin' the additional information..." "Well, you can read, too," Bolo quite correctly points out. Yeah, I think her argument is pretty lame -- or at the very least, not nearly as impressive as she thinks. Phil busts out this gem: "Bolo, I know she's angry at you right now, but I think you probably have some good things to say about her." Heh. And then suddenly, Lori's hair is up as Bolo says that "she's one of the strongest women you'll ever meet." Well, that's nice. And Lori interviews that Bolo is "the love of [her] life," and she loves him "to death." Not literally. We hope.

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer. And Phil would like you to know that tsunami relief is a good thing.

Next week: Not a good week for Kendra or Hayden, both of whom appear to be having girly breakdowns. Jon has a temper. No! Impossible!

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