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A farewell to arms

1:31 AM. Lori and Bolo. Predictably, Bolo reads the destination city as "Adidas Ababa," which is obviously not merely the capital of Ethiopia, but is the sneaker capital of Ethiopia. Bolo talks as they leave the mat about how they'll be fine if they make sure they stop and read their clues correctly and make sure they understand all the information before they act. Sigh. It's like hearing a chef talking about the importance of good ingredients and seeing out of the corner of your eye that his assistant is buying repossessed fish out of the back of a truck. They, too, leave for the airport.

1:48 AM. Kris and Jon. They take out the typically palindromic $171 cash allotment. Jon says that "you can't be too comfortable" when it gets down to five teams. I'll buy that, and it's about as stressed out as they ever get, so make your gasping noises now.

First to the airport are Aaron and Hayden, who head for the charter counter and sign in for the earlier flight. Lori and Bolo get there next and sign in just behind. When Kris and Jon arrive, they land seats as the last team on the first charter. I always want somebody to show up and ask whether it's possible to get the kosher meal.

2:13 AM. Freddy and Kendra. Freddy reminds us that he and Kendra were Yield victims in the last leg, and that Hornio was responsible. He claims that this gives them "an extra sense of drive to get ahead of everyone today." He has to say this, because he can't say it gives them any incentive to get back at Hornio, because all the Yields are gone, so there's nothing left to do to them. Except, of course, leave them to devour each other with the sheer force of their mutual hatred and lack of understanding, which just might work.

2:30 AM. Hornio. Rebecca voices over, to no one's surprise, that she thinks Adam's "neurosis" is affecting their team in the sense that she doesn't trust him to do a good job with the racing. She claims that she wants him to "believe in himself," which she is, of course, doing all she can to promote. Don't believe what you read in all those self-help books. The real way to help someone believe in himself can be expressed in two simple words: "Wussy. Boy."

As Nuance arrives at the airport, we learn that Kendra needs a bathroom in which to throw up. She remarks that "the Ethiopian food made [her] sick." They sign in first for the second charter flight, and Hornio is right behind. El Hornio comments that being behind doesn't feel as good as being in front. He's a sharp one, that boy. It does kind of make you wonder if the continent of Africa is getting back at Kendra. "Breed this," says the bacterial soup kicking around in her stomach.

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