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A farewell to arms

And in the bathroom, the stalls are alive with the sounds of puking. Yes, the "last call; you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here" call has gone out from Kendra's insides. Freddy tells us, in case we hadn't noticed, that indeed, she had a little trouble with "the local cuisine." As he hovers over her in some kind of Vomit-Shielding Poncho, she voices over that she's hoping her intestinal non-fortitude won't get in the way of their performance. And as you know, it won't affect the outcome unless she's still sick ten minutes before the end of the leg.

The first charter flight leaves, carrying Hayden and Aaron, Kris and Jon, and Lori and Bolo. A half-hour later, the second charter leaves, with wussy-girl Rebecca chanting, "I hate these planes, I hate these planes," and so forth. I just want to help her believe in herself, you understand.

Addis Ababa is the home of cars! And runners! And here comes the first charter, and then there goes Bolo, running out of the airport on his little wrestler's legs. He kind of seems like a Fisher-Price person to me, like somewhere, there's a plastic My First Wrestling Set into which he would fit perfectly. But just behind Fisher-Price Bolo is...well, everybody else. Everyone gets taxis to the stadium. Hayden notes with approval that she and Aaron got away from the airport ahead of Kris and Jon. But as Hayden notes, "apparently, [the driver] doesn't know what 'drive fast' means," because she and Aaron are quickly passed by Kris and Jon. I'm not sure he doesn't know what it means. He just also may know what a screaming mimi is.

At the stadium, Lori and Bolo ("Currently in 1st Place") run to the clue box. The clue tells them to "choose a pair of Ethiopian runners and, working as a team, complete a four-man relay to receive your next clue." As Phil explains, Ethiopia is famous for track stars, so they'll be running a 4x400 relay to get the next clue. And while they let you pick your own Ethiopians to run with you, it's clear that the limiting factor here will be the racers, not their teammates. Lori and Bolo get started, and as they wait for the first handoff, Bolo tells the guy standing with him that he'll be running like the police are after him, because he's "used to it." Man, I knew there would come a day when a criminal record would come in handy. I'm not a bad prospect for a contestant; I've just been ahead of my time.

Kris and Jon appear to go at the stadium the wrong way, and Hayden and Aaron wind up getting to the clue box in second place. Inside on the track, Lori comments that she needs to pee. She should apply that sense of urgency to the running, is what I think. As Hayden and Aaron come to the track, Hayden comments that this is her event, because she ran track in college, and she even ran this event. It's so rare that she says anything that makes any damn sense that I'm almost not prepared. It's like I have to reboot. Anyway, Kris and Jon reach the clue box next, and head for the track. Lori finishes her leg and hands off to the second local runner, who soon hands off to Bolo, who is...not a runner, evidently. Hayden and Aaron's first local takes off, and then Kris and Jon's. Lori cheers for Bolo as Hayden and Aaron's local sneaks up on him Bolo interviews, with help from Lori, that he was indeed a little overmatched by the track stars, and was running out of steam by the time he got all the way around the track. They finish, though, and get their clue. Hayden and Kris leave near the same time, but Hayden is faster. Because she ran track! In college! I remember! Also she weighs six pounds and has stick legs. As Kris finally hands off to her second local, Lori and Bolo are opening the next clue. It tells them to fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Phil explains that this is a jaunt of more than 3600 miles. When they land, they'll take a train 80 miles to Galle, where they'll take a tuk-tuk to a fort to get a clue. Lori and Bolo leave for the airport, as Bolo complains that he "ain't no track star."

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